FAR-AIM 2 Abbreviations

  1. M
    mach number
  2. MAA
    maximum authorized IFR altitude
  3. MALS
    medium intensity approach light system
  4. MALSR
    medium intensity approach light system with runway alignment indicator lights
  5. MCA
    minimum crossing altitude
  6. MDA
    minimum descent altitude
  7. MEA
    minimum en route IFR altitude
  8. MEL
    minimum equipment list
  9. MM
    ILS middle marker
  10. MOCA
    minimum obstruction clearance altitude
  11. MRA
    minimum reception altitude
  12. MSL
    mean seal level
  13. NDB/ADF
    nondirectional beacon/automatic direction finder
  14. NM
    nautical mile
  15. NOPAC
    North Pacific area of operation
  16. NOPT
    no procedure turn required
  17. OEI
    one engine inoperative
  18. OM
    ILS outer marker
    operations specifications
  20. PAR
    precision appraoch radar
  21. PACOTS
    Pacific Organized Track System
  22. PTRS
    Performance tracking and reporting system
  23. RAIL
    runway alignment indicator light system
  24. RBN
    radio beacon
  25. RCLM
    runway centerline marking
  26. RCLS
    runway centerline light system
  27. REIL
    runway end indentification lights
  28. RFFS
    rescue and firefighting services
  29. RNAV
    area navigation
  30. RR
    low or medium frequency radio range station
  31. RVR
    runway visual range as measured in the touchdown zone area
  32. SALS
    short approach light system
  33. SATCOM
    satellite communications
  34. SSALS
    simplified short approach light system
  35. SSALSR
    simplified short approach light system with runway alignment indicator lights
  36. TACAN
    ultra high frequency tactical air navigational aid
  37. TAS
    true airspeed
  38. TCAS
    traffic alert and collision avoidance system
  39. TDZL
    touchdown zone lights
  40. TVOR
    very high frequency terminal omnirange station
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