progressive era & WWI

  1. progressivism
    • idea that American society is capable of improvement and growth
    • reform for fair capitalism
    • oppose laissez-faire
  2. muckrakers: Jacob Riis & Upton Sinclair
    • Riis- life in slums
    • Sinclair- meat factory
  3. the "New Woman" and quest for women rights
    • educated women desire rights
    • divorce rate increase, birth control promoted
  4. Jane Addams & Hull House
    provided housing for immigrants and children
  5. temperance movement
    ban on alcohol
  6. 18th amendment
    prohibition- no alcohol
  7. 19th amendment
    women's suffrage
  8. Jim Crow
    laws of segregation against blacks
  9. Plessy vs Fergusson
    separate but equal
  10. DuBois vs Washington
    • DuBois- practical skills, earn rights
    • Washington- become educated, demand rights
  11. NAACP
    • helped blacks earn rights
    • equality for blacks
  12. Theodore Roosevelt
    progressive republican
  13. Square Deal
    • bust trust, protect consumers, conservation
    • all Americans should have equal chance to succeed
  14. Pure Food and Drug Act
    • list ingredients
    • Roosevelt
  15. Meat Inspection Act
    • federal officials can inspect food
    • Roosevelt
  16. Hepburn Act
    • ICC has power to regulate public transportation for charging equitable fares
    • Roosevelt
  17. conservation
    • preserving environment
    • Roosevelt
  18. Employer's Liability Act
    • accident insurance for workers
    • Roosevelt
  19. William Howard Taft
    conservative republican
  20. Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy
    • Ballinger- Taft supporter, tried to go against Roosevelt's conservation
    • Pinchot- progressives supporter, tried to expose Ballinger
    • Taft
  21. Mann-Elkins Act
    • ICC covers communication- telephone
    • Taft
  22. 16th amendment
    • direct income taxes imposed by federal gov
    • Taft
  23. Woodrow Wilson
  24. Clayton Anti-Trust Act
    • monopolies are forbidden
    • farmers & labor unions do not have to obey anti-trust laws & labor restrictions
    • Wilson
  25. Federal Reserve Act
    • central banking system
    • Wilson
  26. Federal Trade Commission
    • power to stop unfair trade
    • Wilson
  27. 17th amendment
    • direct election of senators
    • Wilson
  28. MAIN
    militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
  29. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    assassinated by Serbian nationalist--> Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
  30. Allied & Central powers
    • allies- Russia, France, Britain, US
    • central powers- Austria-Hungary, Germany
  31. trench warfare
    result of increased technology--> high mortality in war
  32. sinking of Lusitania
    British ship with American soldiers sunk by Germany--> 1917 US joins war
  33. unlimited submarine warfare
    1917 Germany announces unlimited submarine warfare on US
  34. Zimmerman Telegram
    • US intercepts telegram from Germany to Mexico
    • telegram promised Mexico US territories in exchange for alliance
  35. propaganda
    • war to end all wars
    • making world safe for democracy
  36. Selective Service Act
    drafted US men into army
  37. liberty bonds
    • savings bonds for war effort
    • show faith in gov
  38. Food Administration & Federal Fuel Administration
    • Food Administration- food conservation
    • Federal Fuel Administration- addressed concerns on coal shortages
  39. Schenck vs US
    rights of Americans can be restricted if it benefits the nation
  40. Wilson's 14 Points
    • proposed solution to world peace/ compromise
    • League of Nations
  41. Treaty of Versailles
    • Germany blamed for war
    • Germany must pay back Allies, reduce military
    • led to Hilter
  42. "Great Migration"
    blacks moved North to work in factories
  43. Sabotage & Sedition Acts
    public opposition to war is illegal
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