PCOM Points5 LV Complex

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  1. LR Yang Raising
    • GB38 (Intractable migraine)
    • Subdue Yang: LV3, SJ5, PC6, GB20
    • Regulate Qi to subdue Yang: LI4
    • HA due to yang rising: UB2(eye), TaiYang (Temporal), GB6 (1-sided HA), GB9 (Corner), GB9 (Temporal), GB43 (Distal for HA at eye or temporal)
    • Nourish LV bld+yin: ST36, SP6, LV8
    • Nourish KD Yin: KD3, KD6
  2. Yang Raising due to Yin xu
    • Nourish LV Bld: LV36, SP6, Lv8, Ren4
    • Nourish Kd yin: KD3, KD6
    • Clear Heat: LV2
  3. LV Fire generating wind
    • Drain Fire: LV2, LI11, SP6
    • Spasms+Tremor: DU8
    • Extinguish wind: GB1, GB20, LV1, LV3
  4. LV Bld xu generating wind
    • Extinguish wind: LV3, GB20
    • Regulate Qi to subdue yang: LI4
    • Extinguish LV Wind: SJ5, Du19
    • Nourish Bld: Ren4, UB17
    • Nourish LV bld: SP6, LV8, KD3
  5. LV Fire Blazing
    • Drain Fire: LV1, LV2, SP6, GB20, Tai Yang
    • Clear heat: LI11
    • Drain Lv: LV3
    • Descend Yang: GB13
    • Headache: GB1, GB6, GB8, GB9
  6. Rebellious LV Qi invading SP
    • Harmonize LV and SP: LV14
    • Constipation: LV13, ST25, SP15
    • Open Chong: SP4, PC6
    • Move LV Qi: SJ6
    • Smooth LV: LV3, GB34, Ren6
    • Tonify SP: SP6, Ren12, ST36
  7. Rebellious LV Qi invading ST
    • Harmonize LV and ST: LV14, GB34
    • Descend ST Qi: ST19, ST21, Ren10, Ren13
    • Epigastric Pain: ST34
    • Tonify ST: ST36, UB21
  8. HT/LV Bld Xu
    • Calm the blood and mind: HT7, Ren14, Ren15
    • Tonify HT Qi: PC6
    • Nourish Blood: UB17, UB20, Ren4
    • Nourish LV Bld: ST36, SP6, LV8, UB18, UB23
  9. LV Fire insulting Lungs
    • Clear heat: LI11, LV2
    • Subdue LV Qi: LV3
    • Harmonize LV: LV14
    • Harmonize LV and chest: PC6
    • Descend LU Qi; LV7, Ren17, Ren22
  10. Damp-heat in GB and LV
    • Resolve damp and clear heat: GB24, GB34, UB19, DU9, Dannang Xue
    • LV damp: LV14, UB18
    • Smooth Qi: SJ6, LV3, LV5
    • Resolve damp: Ren12, UB20, ST19
    • Clear Heat: LI11
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