Psych Test 2C: Jean Piaget

  1. What is Jean Piaget's theorgy
    cognitive theory of development
  2. Schema
    framework for organizing your world (in your head)

    Inside a file cabinet are files, which are your schemas

    Reshuffling of files and updating: accommodation (modifying existing files or creating a new one) and assimilation (fitting info into an already existing file)
  3. Piaget's First Stage
    • The sensorimotor Stage
    • Age: 0-2 years old: sense and motor allow schema to develop

    They lack object permanence (if something leaves the room, they think it doesn't exist anymore)
  4. Piaget's Second Stage
    • The Preoperational Stage
    • Age: 2-7 years

    • Different sets of issues
    • Language develops and they can think symbolically

    • Egocentric: one POV= theirs
    • Animistic: give life-like qualities to inanimate objects

    Child lacks reversibility and conversion; concepts not yet operational 

    Think quarters example
  5. Piaget's Third Stage
    • The Concrete Operational Stage
    • Aes: 7-11

    Think about only concrete things; don't have egocentrism or animism

    abstract thinking is not yet present

    Understand reversibility and conservation: recognizing that physical attributes remain unchanged, even when their outward appearance changes
  6. Piaget's Fourth Stage
    • Formal Operational Stage
    • Age: 11+

    Abstract and hypothetical thinking
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