Psych Test 2B: Erikson

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  1. What does Erik Erikson believe?
    things you develop eprsonality from eight pyschosocial stages--> who you are today

    epigenesis: whatever happens at one stage impacts another stage; every stage is on a continuum
  2. Stage 1
    Trust vs. Mistrust

    • Birth-12/18 months
    • Important event: feeding

    Learn to trust/ mistrust parent

    You can't be too trusting nor too untrusting--there is 3/4 mark of mistrust to trust
  3. Stge Two
    Autonomy vs Shame/Doubt

    • 18 months-3 years
    • Important event: Toilet training

    • They learn NO has power
    • parent has to put foot down at times

    • If you let them say no 24/7= spoiled
    • If you make every decision: he doubts his ability to make decisions
  4. Stage 3
    initiative vs. Guilt

    • 3-6 years
    • Important event= Independence

    • Child becomes more assertive and takes more initative
    • Develops conscience and sexual activity
    • Begins to initiate, not imitate activities
  5. Stage 4
    Industry vs. Inferiority

    • 6-12 years
    • Important event: school

    Talking about things: more options

    Industry: good at things like school, sports, awards, etc. 

    • Inferiority: fear of incompetence
    • What comes along with success is pressure. So, its not good to be 100% industrious
  6. Stage 5
    Identity vs. Role Confusion

    • 12-18 years
    • Important event: peer relationships

    • Ask the question, "Who am I?" 
    • --> Child, sibling, student, athlete, worker, etc
  7. Stage 6
    Intimacy vs. Isolation

    • 19 to 40 years
    • Important event= love relationships

    Isolation: Want to feel close but you don't have them

    Young aduult either wants to develop intimate relationships or suffers feelings of isolation
  8. Stage 7
    Generativity vs. Stagnation

    • 40 to 65 years
    • Important event= parenting

    Each adult must find some way to satisfy and support the next generation

    Generativity: to give back to something/ having kids

    Stagnation: to be greedy and selfish
  9. Stage 8
    Integrity vs. Despair

    • 65-death
    • Important event: reflection/ acceptance of one's life

    • Integrity: on death bed, do you feel fulfilled? 
    • Despair: or do you have regrets
  10. Evaluating Erikson's Tehory
    • First theory to include adulthood
    • Difficult to measure success at each stage
    • Are you permanently stuck? Or can it change? 
    • More attention paid to infancy and childhood than adulthood
    • Age range appropriateness (too generalized=people experience stages at different ages)
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