Unit 65 (computer terms)

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  1. make a copy of your digital information in order not to lose it
    back sth up / back up sth
  2. extra copy for safety
  3. put information into your computer by using a keyboard
    type/key some information in
  4. produce a printed copy of a document
    print out sth / print sth out
  5. a printed copy of an electronic document
  6. make bigger, show in more detail
    zoom in
  7. make smaller, show in less detail
    zoom out
  8. put your name into a computer to start using it
    log in/on
  9. finish using a computer system
    log off/out
  10. get into someone's computer without permission
    hack into
  11. connect to the Internet and access e-mails
    pick up sth / pick sth up
  12. move across / down / up a web page or other document on computer screen
    scroll across / down / up sth
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