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  1. Cynic
    One Who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions
  2. Intricate
    Having many interrelated parts ir facets; hard to understand, work, or make
  3. Divisive
    Dissenting, at odds with, alienating; creating dissention or discord
  4. Nostalgia
    A sentimental longing for something in the past
  5. Tenacity
    Persistence, strong character, perseverance
  6. Disparage
    To speak of negatively; to belittle
  7. Aesthetic
    Having to do with the appreciation of beauty
  8. Superficial
    Being at, on, or near the surface; apparant rather than real
  9. Ambivalent
    Simultaneously experiencing opposing feelings; uncertain
  10. Embellish
    To ornament or decorate; to exaggerate
  11. Esoteric
    Intended for or understood by only a small group
  12. Substantiate
    To support with proof or evidence; to verify
  13. Abstruse
    Difficult to understand
  14. Bolster
    To hearten, support, or prop up
  15. Contend
    To struggle, to compete
  16. Conventional
    Conforming to accepted standards
  17. Discern
    To catch sight of; to recognize and understand
  18. Futile
    Incapable of producing a useful result; vain
  19. Trivial
    Of very little importance
  20. Forbear
    To refrain from; to be patient or self-controlled
  21. Frivolous
    Characterized by lack of seriousnrss or sense; not worthy of serioud notice, trivial
  22. Vindictive
    Disposed to seek revenge; spiteful; revengeful
  23. Anachronism
    The representation of something as existing or happening in the wrong time period
  24. Connoisseur
    An expert judge in an art or matters of taste
  25. Benign
    Kind and gentle
  26. Brevity
    The quality or state of being brief in duration
  27. Callous
    Emotionally hardened; unfeeling
  28. Erroneous
    Containing an error; incorrect
  29. Lament
    To express grief or regret; a vocal expression of grief
  30. Egotism
    Excessive reference to oneself; self-centeredness
  31. Mitigate
    To make or become less severe, intense or painful
  32. Paradox
    A contradiction, a puzzle, an inconsistency
  33. Reticence
    The qualiry or state of keeping silent; reserve
  34. Penchant
    A strong inclination or liking
  35. Refute
    To prove to be false or erroneous
  36. Debilitate
    To impair the strength of; to weaken
  37. Enigma
    A puzzle, mystery, or riddle
  38. Capricious
    Impulsive and unpredictable
  39. Platitudinous
    Ordinary, dull, commonplace
  40. Magnanimous
    Courageously or generously noble in mind and heart
  41. Ornate
    Fancily decorated; beautiful, brilliant. Flashy, showy
  42. Anecdote
    A short account of an interesting, often biographical incident
  43. Devoid
    Toatally lacking, destitute
  44. Belligerent
    Eager to fight, hostile or aggressive
  45. Edify
    To instruct and improve, especially morally; to enlighten
  46. Negate
    To deny the existence or truth of something; to nullify or invalidate something
  47. Voracious
    Craving or consuming large quantities of food, exceedingly eager
  48. Idiosyncrasy
    Peculiarity, oddity, quirk, characteristic, trait, singularity
  49. Repute
    To consider, believe
  50. Stringent
    Rigorously blinding or exacting; strict
  51. Arbitrary
    Unreasonable or unsupported
  52. Volatile
    Evaporating rapidly; tending or threatening to erupt in violence, explosive
  53. Adverse
    Unfavorable; opposing ones interests or desires
  54. Allege
    To assert without proof
  55. Consensus
    Solidarity of opinion; general agreement or harmony
  56. Personage
    A person of distinction or importance
  57. Demagogue
    An orator or political leader who gains power by arousing peoples emotions and prejudices
  58. Congenial
    Agreeable or suitable in nature
  59. Pretension
    A claim to something; an unwarranted or false claim, as to merit, Importance, or wealth
  60. Dilettante
    A person who takes up an art, activity, or subject for amusement, especially in a superficial way; dabbler
  61. Equanimity
    Composure, especially under strain; evenness
  62. Crude
    In a raw or unrefined state; lacking culture and refinement; vulgar
  63. Predilection
    A partially; preference
  64. Indignation
    Strong displeasure at sometji by considered unjust, offensive, insulting, or biased
  65. Prudent
    Wisely careful, showing good judgement
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