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  1. Hatred of the Jews simply because they practice the Jewish faith
  2. The name given to the priest of the Buddhist religion; also known as "The Enlightened One"
  3. The refusal to obey unfair laws even if the result was punishment
    civil disobedience
  4. A name given to China's attempt in the 1950s to reorganize its economy
    Great Leap Forward
  5. The process of removing salt and other chemicals from the sea water
  6. A name given to China's attempt in the 1960s to improve its economy by reorganizing its farms, businesses, and most of society
    Cultural Revolution
  7. Name given to reaching a state of perfect peace in the religion of Buddhism
  8. An Arab prophet who founded Islam
  9. One of the most important and valuable fossil fuels; abundant in Southwest Asia (Middle East)
    oil (petroleum)
  10. Five things Muslims must do in their practice of Islam, during their lifetime
    Five Pillars of Islam
  11. Another name for the Persian Gulf War
    Operation Desert Storm
  12. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries founded to set oil prices and policies
  13. The name given to the 6000 mile journey that Mao Zedong and his follower took to avoid capture by the Chinese government
    Long March
  14. The religious faith of Muslims, based on the words and religious system founded by the prophet Muhammad
  15. A time when over six million Jews were killed in concentration camps set up by Germany
  16. An invasion led by the United States in 2003 to stop the development of nuclear weapons by Iraq
    Operation Iraqi Freedom
  17. A military force used to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion in 1991; also called Operation Desert Storm
    Persian Gulf War
  18. An economy in which most of the economic decisions that are made are based on custom and on the habit of how such decisions were made in the past
    traditional economy
  19. Local governments such as state or county systems may have some power, but they are under the control of the central government
    unitary government system
  20. A government in which God is seen as the true leader and religious leaders serve as the political leaders
  21. A founder of the Chinese Communist Party (1921), he led the Long March (1934-1935) and proclaimed the People's Republic of China in 1949
    Mao Zedong
  22. Anything that slows down or prevents one country from exchanging goods with another
    trade barriers
  23. A coastal region at the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea bordering Israel and Egypt
    Gaza Strip
  24. Contamination of water supplies due to chemicals, fertilizer, sewage and other garbage
    water pollution
  25. A canal in Egypt that allows water transportation between Europe and Asia without the need of traveling around the southern tip of Africa
    Suez Canal
  26. The earliest religion in Japan which means "way of the gods"
  27. A very narrow waterway in which ships must navigate to and from the Persian Gulf
    Strait of Hormuz
  28. Creative, original thinkers who are willing to take risks to create new businesses and products
  29. A time when over six million Jews were killed in concentration camps set up by Germany
  30. A radical Muslim government of Afghanistan
  31. Carving steps in the side of a mountain or hill to grow crops.
  32. A group who felt the world's Jews deserved to return to a homeland in Zion
  33. One of the main shipping routes for oil to be shipped out from the rich fields of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries that line its shores; also known as Arabian Gulf
    Persian Gulf
  34. The worship of many gods that are a part of a supreme spirit named Brahman
  35. A belief that the soul does not die with the body, but enters the body of another being, either a person or an animal
  36. the largest denomination of Islam; believes that the next Muslim leader should be picked based on their qualifications.
    Sunni Muslims
  37. The holy book of the Islam religion
  38. The second largest denomination of Islam; believes that the Islamic leader should be a descendent of Muhammad
    Shia Muslims
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