1. accretion
    process of growth or enlargement gradually
  2. antiquated
    obsolete; outmoded or discredited by reason of age; out of style
  3. apathetic
    having or showing little feeling or emotion
  4. buffet
    n. a blow esp. w/ the hand 2. something that strikes with telling force 3. v. to strike sharply or repeatedly
  5. annex
    to attach as a quality, consequence, or condition 2. to add to something earlier, larger, or more important
  6. apocryphal
    of doubtful authenticity; spurious
  7. arid
    excessively dry, having insufficient rainfall to support agriculture 2. lacking in interest and life; jejune
  8. boon
    benefit, favor esp. one in response to a request 2. a timely benefit, blessing
  9. jejune
    lacking nutritive value 2. devoid of significance or interest; dull. 3. juvenile, puerile
  10. arrogate
    to claim or seize without justification; make undue claims to having or 2. claim on behalf of another; ascribe
  11. acrimony
    harsh, biting sharpness esp. of words, manner, or disposition
  12. analgesic
    something that causes insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness
  13. acumen
    keenness and depth of perception, discernment, esp. in practical matters
  14. ardor
    passion, zeal, intensity; an often restless or transitory warmth of feeling
  15. corroborate
    to support with evidence or authority; confirm
  16. cosmopolitan
    having a worldwide rather than a limited scope, worldly 2. consisting of persons, constituents, or elements from all over the world
  17. antiseptic
    scrupulously clean, aseptic; extremely neat or orderly
  18. calumny
    misrepresentation intended to harm another's reputation
  19. credulity
    readiness or willingness to believe, esp. on slight or uncertain evidence
  20. covet
    to wish for earnestly, desire inordinately
  21. coup
    a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful stroke or act
  22. clemency
    disposition to be merciful and moderate, an act of leniency 2. pleasant mildness of weather
  23. cleave
    to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly
  24. cobbler
    a mender or maker of shoes
  25. censure
    the act of blaming or condemning sternly 2. an official reprimand
  26. flotsam
    floating wreckage of a ship or any floating debris 2. a floating population OR miscellaneous or unimportant material 3. debris, remains
  27. clairvoyant
    able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception
  28. coagulate
    to cause to become viscous or thickened; curdle, clot 2. to gather together or form into a mass or group
  29. circumlocution
    use of an unnecessarily large # of words to express an idea 2. evasion in speech
  30. circumvent
    to hem in, to make a circuit around 2. to manage to get around esp. by ingenuity or stratagem
  31. cloying
    disgusting or distasteful by reason of excess ALSO excessively sweet or sentimental
  32. cogent
    having power to compel or constrain 2. appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing 3. pertinent, relevant
  33. commensurate
    equal in measure or extent 2. corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree; proportionate
  34. collateral
    accompanying in a secondary or subordinate way; concomitant 2. parallel, coordinate, or corresponding in position, order, time, or significant < ~ states like Athens and Sparta> 3. security for a payment of a debt
  35. commendation
    act of deeming worthy of confidence or notice; praise
  36. cognizant
    knowledgeable of something, esp. through personal experience, mindful
  37. collusion
    secret agreement or cooperation, esp. for illegal or deceitful purposes
  38. complicit
    to involve or bring into association/participation in a wrongful act
  39. enervate
    lacking physical, mental, or moral vigor
  40. commodious
    comfortably spacious; roomy
  41. complacency
    self-satisfaction, esp. when unaware of actual dangers
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