CM CH.4 Intake & Exhaust Systems

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  1. Opening the throttle valve to a carburetor or fuel injection systems causes:
    Air to move from the higher pressure area outside the engine to the lower pressure area of the manifold
  2. Unequal distribution of the air-fuel mixture may occur b/c of:
    • -Misdirected mixture flow¬†
    • -Sharp turns in the manifold¬†
    • -Distance to travel to the cylinders
  3. A venturi
    Increases air velocity through a carburetor
  4. Long, small diameter intake manifold runners:
    produce the best power at low to medium rpm.
  5. The plenum chamber:
    Stabilizes the incoming air charge.
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CM CH.4 Intake & Exhaust Systems
CM CH.4 Intake & Exhaust Systems
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