Chemistry Unit 10:Vocab

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  1. Mass cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted to new forms
    Law of Conservation of Mass
  2. A compound made up only of carbon and hydrogen atoms in different proportions
  3. A chemical reaction type where there is only one product formed
    Synthesis Reaction
  4. A chemical reaction type where an element replaces part of a compound leaving a different element and a new compound as products
    Single Replacement Reaction
  5. Chemical reaction that releases energy as a result of the reaction taking place
    Exothermic Reaction
  6. A tool used to see if an element can replace another in a single replacement reaction
    Activity Series
  7. A substance that gains electrons
  8. Memory device used to decipher oxidation-reduction reactions
  9. Chemical reaction type where two compounds exchange cations or exchange anions to form two new compounds as products
    Double Replacement Reaction
  10. Chemical reaction type where there is only one reactant forming multiple products
    Decomposition Reaction
  11. Chemical reaction that requires energy to be put into the system in order for the reaction to take place
    Endothermic Reaction
  12. Any reaction where one substance loses electrons and another substance gains electrons in order to form the products
    Oxidation-reduction reaction
  13. Chemical reaction where oxygen is one of the reactants
    Combustion Reaction
  14. A memory device used to decipher oxidation-reduction reactions
    LEO the lion goes GER
  15. Reaction in which there are equal number of each element on both the reactant and product side
    Balanced Reaction
  16. Tool used to determine the precipitate in a double replacement reaction
    Solubility Chart
  17. Solid formed from two liquids or gases combining; one of the results of a double replacement reaction
  18. Substance that loses electrons
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