Muscle Anatomy and Physiology

  1. What are the six major muscle fiber arrangements?
    Parallel (Stylohyoid), Fusiform (Biceps Brachii), Triangular (Pectoralis), Multipennate (Deltoid), Unipennate (Flexor Pollcis Longus), Bipennate (Soleus)
  2. List the four categories of muscle fiber types.
    Type I, Type IIa, Type IIb, Type IIc
  3. Origin
    The proximal attachment; generally considered the least moveable part or the part that attaches closest to the midline or center of the body.
  4. Insertion
    The distal attachment; generally considered the most moveable part or the part that attaches furthest from the body.
  5. What are the quadriceps muscles and their intended action?
    Vastus Lateralis (Knee Extension), Vastus Intermedis (Knee Extension), Vastus mediallis (Knee Extension), Rectus Femorus (Flexation of the Hip and Knee Extension)
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Muscle Anatomy and Physiology
Muscle Anatomy and Physiology