HOSA: Dental Science Terms

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  1. Motion used when flossing between two teeth
  2. periodontal ligaments
    secures the tooth into the socket through a number of organized fiber groups
  3. Another name for poly-sulfide impression material is
    rubber base
  4. Shape of chemical warning label
  5. # of teeth that are in the deciduous dentition
  6. OPIM
    Other Potentially Infectious Material
  7. Amount of time employer must maintain employee records on exposures and other medical records
    length of employment plus 30 days
  8. what teeth is "walking bleach" done on
    non-vital teeth
  9. Excess bone formations that form on lingual side of mandible
    Toris mandibularis (torri)
  10. calibrations on periodontal probe are measured in
  11. Muscle trimming
    pressing the lips and mouth around an impression to ensure its molding
  12. primary dentin
    forms before the completion of apical foramen and makes up the bulk of the tooth
  13. group of microorganisms that are of importance to dentistry
    bacteria and virus
  14. smallest permanent tooth in the dentition
    mandibular central incisor
  15. after instruments have been removed from the ultrasonic cleaner they should be
    rinsed and dried
  16. how long can the Hepatitis B virus live on a dry surface
    14 days
  17. what is the connector for a maxillary partial
    palatal bar
  18. what happens during week seven of fetal development
    formation of the tongue and palate
  19. the properly seated assistants feet should be
    placed flat on stool ring or base
  20. herpes simplex virus 1
    affects the lips and mouth
  21. Cirrhosis
    deterioration of the liver
  22. Objective fear
    fear based off of a child's own experiences
  23. to assist a person who is hyperventilating
    instruct them to breathe into a bag or cupped hands
  24. Oral hyperglycemics
    medications taken orally that lower blood sugar levels
  25. Halitosis
    bad breathe
  26. the time between when an order is plaved and the time it is received
    lead time
  27. the maxillary final impression must include
  28. when is a bone file used
    to smooth the edges of the alveolar bone after the tooth has been extracted
  29. Person responsible for inventing dental chairs
    Josiah Flagg
  30. The dental assistant puts strain on what system
    muscular system
  31. File scaler
    used interproximally
  32. bacteria in warm, dark, moist areas will
    divide every 20 minutes
  33. the individual who perfected several dental treatments still used today, and developed step-by-step procedures for dental treatments. Referred to as the "founder of dentistry"
    Pierre Fauchard
  34. first woman to graduate from dental school
    Lucy Beeman Hobbs
  35. used to ensure bags are not overfilled and sterilizers are not over packed
    sterilization indicators
  36. what do the jaws of the dental dam clamp fit around
    gingival 1/3 of the tooth
  37. the sticky mass that grows on teeth and contains bacteria
  38. lingual surface
    tongue side of tooth
  39. Term that relates to bone
  40. Sphymomanometer
    instrument used to measure blood pressure
  41. the tissues and organs most sensitive to radiation are
    bone marrow and reproductive cells
  42. ulcer
    damage to the mucous membrane that appears as an open sore on tissue
  43. inflammatory process
    swollen, red, heat and pain
  44. group of fungal infections characterized as white patches on the fingernail
    tinea unguium
  45. sectional matrix
    used most often on class II restorations
  46. cause of the flu
  47. ratio of water to power for model plaster
    50 ml to 100 g
  48. alveolar crest
    area between to two teeth where two cortical plates come together
  49. vitamins excreted by the body daily
    b complex and c
  50. monangle
    one angle
  51. # of times a year chair side personnel exposed to nitrous oxide be checked
    2 times a year
  52. Skeleton that consists of the bones of the cranium, face,spinal column, ribs and sternum
  53. when the filiform papillae on the tongue are present
  54. what type of flouride comes in gels, rinses and foams
    topical flouride
  55. most common emergency that may occur in dental office
    syncope and fainting
  56. tuberosity
    rounded process on end of bone that allows attachment of muscles and tendons
  57. for periodontal ligament injections, the solution is placed
    in the gingival sulcus
  58. a material placed in a thick layer between the tooth and the restoration that supports the restorative material from occlussal stress
    high-strength base
  59. antimicrobial
    growth inhibitor
  60. System responsible for processing food
    digestive system
  61. the types of matrices used for restorative procedures include
    T-band, spot weld, and toffliemire
  62. the thin covering over enamel on newly erupted primary teeth, may stain very easily
    nasmyths membrane
  63. when the pancreas creates too little insulin
  64. aerobic bacteria
    needs oxygen to live and grow
  65. Tooth mobility: 3 indicates
    severe mobility
  66. muscle that forms the floor of the mouth
  67. patient must sign and date
    medical history form
  68. rooms and equipment that are often overlooked for disinfecting are
    radiograph room, radiograph processing equipment, dental laboratories
  69. man responsible for discovering x-rays
    Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
  70. Sodium hypochlorite
    irritating to eyes and skin, and corrosive to metals
  71. sublinguals
    drugs that must be placed below the tongue to dissolve
  72. what are dental implants made of
  73. cavity varnish is used under amalgam restoration to prevent
    micro leakage
  74. latent
    a slow growing virus that may be suppressed or dormant for a period of time
  75. found in thyroid gland and regulates metabolism of the body
  76. three channels of communication
    auditory, visual, and kinesthetic
  77. polymerization
  78. alveoplasty
    process of contouring alveolar ridge
  79. cementum forming cells
  80. OTC
    Over the Counter products
  81. the "cornerstones of the mouth"
  82. triangular ridge
    elevation of enamel that descends from the cusps into the middle area of the occlusal surface
  83. what does the contact of the tooth refer to
    the proximal side of two teeth that come together and touch
  84. before cleaning the laundry must be placed in a
    biohazard bag
  85. what should oral hygiene goals be based upon
    age, knowledge and skill level
  86. charting symbol for caries
    outline filled in red
  87. tickler files
    reminders of actions that must be taken care of
  88. Cone cutting occurs when
    x-ray beam misses part of film
  89. barbituates
    depress brain activity
  90. bur used in contra-angle handpeice
    latch-type shank
  91. vasoconstrictor
    constricts blood vessel around injection site, decreases bleeding
  92. how should broken glass be cleaned up
    broom and dust pan
  93. the part of bridge that replaces the missing tooth
  94. when would you replace a core buildup
    on a vital tooth with too little crown structure left
  95. study of the structure of the body
  96. alginate in the gel state is
  97. glove of choice for working chair side
  98. smallest microorganism
  99. exhibits signs of rapidly progressing dementia, memory loss and speech impairment
    Creutzfeldt-jacob's disease
  100. a tubelike passage with an opening that allows fluid to drain
  101. universal distress signal for choking
    clutching throat
  102. method of choice for delivering the asthma drug
  103. interdental aids
    help in cleaning between the teeth and stimulating gingival tissue, Ex.: interproximal brush, wooden dental stimulator, and floss threader
  104. the specialty concerned with diagnosing and treating the diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the tooth
  105. interradicular septum
    in multi-rooted teeth, the area of bone between the roots
  106. BSI
    a system that requires that PPE be worn to protect against content with bodily fluids
  107. Peritubular dentin
    creates the wall of the dentinal tubule
  108. another name for the articular disc in the TMJ
  109. amalgam carvers
    hollenbarck and discoicleoid
  110. form W-4
    must be filled out for employment
  111. TSE's
    rare microorganisms that affect brain tissue; deadly
  112. after people have had a disease
    the body develops an immunity
  113. system that relays messages from brain to body and back
    nervous system
  114. what drills are used in a low speed handpiece
  115. "father of microbiology"
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
  116. what makes up gastric juices
    pepsin and hydrochloric acid
  117. antihistamine
    treats allergic reactions
  118. the winged clamp has
    extra projections for better retraction
  119. fusion with the alveolar bone and cementum
  120. ethical behavior
    knowing right and wrong
  121. Inlay
    type of restoration that covers the area between the cusps in the middle of the tooth
  122. ideal temperature of developing a solution is
    68 degrees
  123. patients with an overdenture
    show less alveolar bone loss
  124. first step to take of a patient becomes unconscious
    call emergency care
  125. what would appear on a bite wing radiograph
    alveolar crest, faulty restorations and caries
  126. what is a side effect
    the unintended effect of a drug
  127. anther name for a Protozoa
  128. Alginate in the sol state
  129. sandpaper discs
    (abrasives) garnet, sand, emery, and cuttlefish
  130. provides nourishment and lubrication in the TMJ
    synovial fluid
  131. what bone does the mandible articulate with
    temporal bone
  132. Dilantin
    drug used to treat epilepsy, causes gingival tissue overgrowth
  133. assembled MSDSs should be
    alphabetized, indexed, and available to all employees
  134. an abnormally slow resting heart rate
  135. basic vital signs
    hr, bp, rr, and temperature
  136. what is an activator used for
    widening the maxillary arch
  137. the route of transmission of a microorganism by a contaminated instrument
    indirect contact
  138. proved bacteria causes diseases
    Robert Koch
  139. small red or purple spots in the skin or mucosa tissue
  140. connectors of partial denture
    join parts of partial into one unit
  141. what happens when a primary tooth is loosened
    the roots evanesce or dissolve
  142. vitamin that the body releases in the sun
    vitamin d
  143. COD
    when patient is covered by two carriers
  144. short duration of anesthetics last about
    30 min
  145. what year did the USDA first develop a guide to a balanced diet
  146. Ultrasonic Cleaner
    a cleaning device that uses a cavitation process to clean debris fro the instruments
  147. smear biopsy
    exfoliative cytology
  148. plane that divides body into left and right
  149. what may be given to treat oral thrush
  150. back of the body
  151. candidiasis and thrush
    thick white raised patches in the mouth
  152. area at the bottom of the sulcus where the gingiva attaches to the tooth
    epithelial attachment
  153. Varicella-Zoster
    Chicken pox
  154. holes in the dental dam are punched about
    3mm apart
  155. intervals of taking radiographs for routine dental exams
    6 or 12 months
  156. failure of complete sterilization in an autoclave could result from
    overloading chamber, improper setting of time and temperature
  157. another name for windpipe
  158. heated ethylene oxide sterilization method
    requires 120 degrees for 2 to 3 hours to sterilize
  159. what grasp is used with the evacuator tip when working on the anterior maxillary
    pen grasp
  160. blue color on warning label indicates
    health hazard
  161. criteria for sharps cotainer
    puncture proof, leak proof and labeled
  162. Congestive Heart Failure
    Heart is too stretched and weak to pump fluid throughout body
  163. the specialty concerned with the pathology and morphology of the dental pulp and surrounding tissues
  164. transverse ridge
    the union of two triangular ridges that produces one ridge across the occlussal surface
  165. number of coats needed for varnishes
  166. what does alcohol do to the body process
    acts as a depressant
  167. branches of maxillary nerve include
    infraorbital, pterygopalatine, zygomatic nerves
  168. when cells begin to outline the future shape of the developing tooth
  169. what causes the flu
  170. the part of a partial denture that contacts a tooth to provide vertical and horizontal support
  171. one of the most observed and critical components of nonverbal communication
    facial expression
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