Ch2: Building Herself a Better Brain

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  1. "asymmetry mind"
    brilliant auditory and visual memory...but also some areas with retardation
  2. Barbara's physical problems
    • right leg longer than left
    • right side longer than left
    • right arm never straightened
    • curved spine (scoliosis)
    • left eye less 'alert'
  3. Barbara's neurological/psychological problems
    • trouble pronouncing words
    • poor spatial reasoning
    • poor kinesthetic perception (position of body in space)
    • poor sense of touch on left side
    • narrow visual field
    • poor conceptual relations (i.e., "father's brother" vs. "brother's father", double negatives, reading clocks)
    • poor working memory
    • dyslexic
  4. Barbara's approach to therapy
    force utilizing the affected parts of the brain, thereby strengthening the original funtion
  5. Training principles:
    • 1. Repetition of simulation. Students repeat the same exercise for 45min before moving to the next exercise
    • 2. Regional and functional specificity. Exercises are designed to isolate a specific function (e.g., memorize symbols for visual memory). Eye patches are work to isolate visual info to one side of the brain.
  6. Arrowsmith School
    40 hrs of assessments to determine which brain functions are weak and whether they might be helped
  7. Arrowsmith activities:
    • complex clock reading
    • tracing foreign letters
    • eye patches
    • listen to cds, memorize poems
    • line tracing
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