N257 Week 4

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  1. What is the term for research that focuses on the end results of patient care and whose purpose is to appraise quality?
    outcomes research
  2. What are the three main concepts of Donabedian's Theory?
    • health
    • subjects of care
    • providers of care
  3. What are the three components of health in Donabedian's Theory?
    • Physical-physiological function
    • Psychological function
    • Social function
  4. What are the three components of subjects of care in Donabedian's Theory?
    • Patient or person
    • Families
    • Communities
  5. What are the five components of providers of care in Donabedian's Theory?
    • Individual practitioner
    • Organization of providers (hospital, clinic, etc)
    • Patient
    • Family
    • Community
  6. What are Donabedian's three objects/focus for evaluating quality healthcare?
    • evaluating outcomes
    • evaluation process
    • evaluating structure
  7. What are some common outcomes that outcomes research studies?
    • clinical end points
    • functional status
    • general well-being
    • satisfaction with care
    • cost
  8. What are the three components of the evaluating process?
    • standards of care
    • practice styles
    • costs of care
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