Chapter 7 Constitution Study Guide

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  1. What is the function of the judicial branch?
    To interpret laws
  2. What is the name given to the first paragraph of the Constitution?
  3. What system do the constitution devise to elect a president?
    Electoral college
  4. What were the names given to those who favored the government and those who oppose the acceptance of the Constitution?
  5. What was the name of the compromise that settled the issue of the counting slaves for representation and taxation?
    3/5 compromise
  6. What two plans were merged to form the great compromise?
    Virginia plan and New Jersey plan
  7. Who was chosen as chairman of the Constitutional convention?
    George Washington
  8. What is the precise terms that depicts what are you the type of government created by the Constitution?
  9. Who was the experience treating make are sent by the Confederation Congress to negotiate with Spain?
    John Jay
  10. And what city and in what buildings did the delegates meet and devise a new constitution?
    Philadelphia Independence Hall
  11. What is the name of the count of the population?
  12. What is it called when the giving of formal approval to certain documents takes place?
  13. What is a 6 mile Square section of land called?
  14. What was the charge on imported goods?
  15. What is the freedom to stockpile goods to temporarily at a foreign location?
    Right of deposit
  16. What did the most important legislation passed up by the Confederation Congress deal with?
    Western lands
  17. Which men wrote the Federalist papers?
    John Jay Alexander Hamilton James Madison
  18. Which men attended the Constitutional convention?
    Alexander Hamilton
  19. How old is the Constitution of United States?
    Older than any other constitutions of the nations
  20. What were the powers of the Congress according to the Confederation?
    Control Western lands raise an army and borrow and coin money
  21. What were the three things that the writers of the Constitution agreed to?
    Separation of power division power balance of power
  22. Who were the colonies governed by before and during the most of the war of Independence?
    Continental Congress
  23. Which major state was slow to ratify the articles of Confederation?
  24. What were the freedoms that are guaranteed by the First Amendment?
    Freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of assembly
  25. What did the writers of the Constitution have to make compromises for?
    Representation legislation counting of slaves passage of navigation and and Terraflaws
  26. What guarantees were added to the Constitution?
    Bill of rights
  27. What's included the means of adding new states to the union?
    Northwest ordinance of 1787
  28. What's plan created only a legislative body for governing nation?
    Articles of Confederation
  29. What organize the western land sale?
    Northwest ordinance of 1785
  30. What was the attempt to persuade the states to ratify the constitution?
    Federalist papers
  31. What is the supreme law of the land?
    The constitution
  32. What was kept secret throughout the meetings?
    The activities
  33. Have there been major changes made to the constitutional law over the past 200 years?
  34. Did all 13 states eagerly send delegates to the conventions to participate in making a new government?
  35. What was the purpose of the constitutional convention?
    It was to revise the article of Confederation
  36. What was the purpose of the Northwest ordinance?
    To deal with the Western lands
  37. Do all Bill of Rights list alright held by American citizens
  38. What two things help keep the strength of each of the three branches of government under control?
    Separation of powers checks and balances
  39. Did States have to give up most of their governmental powers in order to join the Confederation?
  40. What's grew out of this content with heavy taxes?
    Shays rebellion
  41. The essays questions
  42. Why has the Constitution endured as a successful guide for the government?
    One of the reasons why the Constitution enters a successful guide for the government is the acknowledges principles. Another is that the writers use patients to write the constitution. The last reason is that the Constitution is a very flexible to deal with changing times.
  43. Explain the differences between a republic and a democracy?
    There are many differences between the Republic and a democracy. The republic alexs representatives to govern people. Democracy is ruled by the people directly.
  44. The preamble of the Constitution.
    We the people of United States in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic trance quality, provide for the common defense is promote the general warfare and the security blessing of liberty to ourselves our prosperity do ordain and establish the Constitution of the United States of America
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