inventory management

  1. inventory
    a list of goods a business uses in normal operations
  2. formulary
    a list of medications approved for use
  3. open formulary
    a system that allows a pharmacy to use any perscribed medication
  4. closed formulary
    a limited list of approved meds
  5. therapeutic equivalent
    pharmaceutical equivalents that produce the same effects in patients
  6. turnover
    the rate at which inventory is used, generally expressed in number of days
  7. point of sale (POS)
    an inventory system in which the item is deducted from inventory as it is sold or dispensed
  8. reorder points
    minimum and maximum stock levels which determine when a reorder is placed and for how much
  9. Automated dispensing system
    a system in which medications are dispensed upon confirmation of an order communicated from a centralized computer system at the point of use
  10. Database
    a collection of information structure so that information within it can easily be retrieved and used
  11. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    OSHA required notices on hazardous substances which provide hazard handling clean-up and first aid information
  12. purchase order number
    the number assigned to each order identification
  13. unit dose packaging
    a package containing a single dose of a medication
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