GMAT vocab.txt

  1. Belabor
    To assail verbally; To insist repeatedly or harp on
  2. Amphitheatre
    Oval-shaped theatre
  3. Anathema
    Curse, ban
  4. Annul
    Cancel, nullify
  5. Anodyne
    Pain soothing
  6. Anoint
    Consecrate, to apply oil, especially as a sacred rite
  7. Antediluvian
    Ancient, obsolete, pre-historic
  8. Antithesis
    direct opposite
  9. Apathetic
    Unconcerned, indifferent
  10. Aphasia
    Inability to speak or use words
  11. Aplomb
    poise, confidence
  12. Apocryphal
    a doubtful authenticity, not genuine, fictional
  13. Apostate
    one who abandoned their faith
  14. Apotheosis
    Defication, glorification
  15. Approbation
    Praise, official approval
  16. Archaic
    antiquated, from an earlier time
  17. Archipelago
    group of islands
  18. ardor
    great emotion or passion
  19. arraign
    to indict, to call to court to answer a charge
  20. arrogate
    seize without right, to demand or claim arrogantly
  21. ascendancy
    powerful state
  22. ascribe
  23. to attribute
  24. ashen
    resembling ashes, or deathly pale
  25. asinine
  26. askance
    to view with suspicion, scornfully
  27. askew
    crooked, tilted
  28. aspersion
  29. assent
    to express agreement
  30. assiduous
  31. assuage
    lessen pain, to make less severe, ease
  32. astringent
    causing contraction, severe, harsh
  33. asunder
    apart, into different parts
  34. asunder
    apart, into different parts
  35. atone
    make amends for a wrong
  36. august
    noble, dignified, awe-inspiring, venerable
  37. avow
  38. awry
    crooked, askew, amis
  39. axiom
    self-evident truth, premise
  40. bacchanal
    orgy, drunkenly festive
  41. baleful
    hostile, malignant
  42. balk
    hesitate, refuse, shirk, prevent
  43. banal
    trite, overly common
  44. bane
    poison, nuisance, something causing ruin
  45. bastion
  46. beguile
    deceive, seduce, mislead
  47. behemoth
    monster, huge creature
  48. beleaguer
    besiege, to harass, plague
  49. berate
    to scold harshly
  50. bestial
    beast-like, brutal
  51. bestow
    to give as a gift, grant
  52. bevy
  53. bicker
    quarrel, to have a petty argument
  54. bilious
  55. bilk
    swindle, cheat, defraud
  56. blandish
    to coax with flattering, grovel
  57. blight
    decay, afflict, destroy
  58. bombast
    pompous speech
  59. borgeois
    middle class
  60. broach
    bring up a topic of conversation
  61. brusque
    curt, rough and abrupt in manner
  62. bulwark
  63. burgeon
    sprout or flourish
  64. cabal
    plot, a secret group seeking to overturn something
  65. cadaver
    corpse, dead body
  66. cajole
    encourage, coax, flatter
  67. calumny
    slander, false accusations
  68. canard
    hoax, a lie
  69. candor
    frankness, honesty
  70. canvass
    survey, examine thoroughly
  71. capricious
    fickle, impulsive, whimsical
  72. careen
    swerve, to lean on one side
  73. castigate
    criticize, punish
  74. cataclysm
    catastrophe, disaster
  75. cathartic
    purgative, purifying, cleansing
  76. catholic
    universal, worldly
  77. caucus
    a small group within an organization
  78. cavil
    quibble, raise trivial (small) objections
  79. cede
    transfer ownership, surrender possession of something
  80. censorious
    condemning speech, severely critical
  81. chagrin
    shame, embarrassment, humiliation
  82. chalice
    goblet, cup
  83. chary
    cautious, watchful, extremely shy
  84. cherubic
    sweet, innocent
  85. chicanery
    trickery, fraud, deception
  86. chide
    scold, express disapproval
  87. chimerical
    imaginary, impossible
  88. circumlocution
    roundabout expression
  89. choleric
    easily angered, short-tempered
  90. circumvent
    evade, avoid, to go around
  91. citadel
    fortness or stronghold
  92. clamor
    noisy outcry
  93. cleave
    to split or separate, to stick, adhere
  94. clemency
    forgiveness, merciful leniency
  95. cloister
    refuge, to confine, seclude
  96. coalesce
  97. coddle
    to pamper, baby, treat indulgently
  98. cogent
    well-put, logically forceful
  99. cognate
    from the same source, related
  100. cognomen
    family name, any name, nickname
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