Jazz midterm

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  1. instrumental music
    music that lacks vocals
  2. tempo
    speed of the beat
  3. melody
    sequential arrangement of the notes of the scale in a coherrant pattern
  4. chord
    a group of 3 or more notes played simultaneously and acts as a basic unit of harmony
  5. pulse
    steady pulse as an instance of rhythm
  6. bar/measure
    each instance of a beat
  7. form
    describe how we divide music in time by dividing the work in individual sections
  8. jazz
    a type of black American origin characterized by improvision, syncopation, and a regular forceful rhythm
  9. Jazz was known as what because why?
    race music, meant for the negro
  10. guitar added  electricity to jazz, what is it called
  11. 4 needed to know facts about jazz
    • is american music
    • created here in the USA and born here
    • one of Americans indigenious art form
    • America's most well known art form
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