Chem II Test 3

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  1. Formula for average reaction rate
    -[A]/aΔt = -[B]/bΔt = [C]/cΔt = [D]/dΔt
  2. Rate law for a reaction
    Rate = k[A]x[B]y
  3. How do you know the overall rate of a reaction?
    • You add the order of each reactant.
    • So two first orders make a second order reaction. And a first order and second order make a third order reaction.
  4. Formula for the concentration of A at time t
    ln[A]t = -kt + ln[A]o
  5. Half life equation
    t1/2 = 0.693 / k
  6. Reaction rate _____ with increasing temperature or ___ proportional to ____
    Increases; k to T
  7. The reaction rate ______ with the increasing of Ea. Or k is ______ proportional to Ea.
    Decreases; inversely
  8. Arrhenius equation
    k = Ae-Ea/RT

    • R gas constant: 8.3145 J/mol*K
    • T: temp in Kelvin
    • Ea: activation energy
    • A: Arrenius constant or frequency factor
  9. Molecularity
    The number of molecules that participate in an elementary reaction
  10. single molecule in molecularity
  11. two molecules in molecularity
  12. three molecules in molecularity
  13. Rate determining step
    Step with the largest/steepest Ea
  14. Intermediates
    The arches in a reaction profile
  15. What is an endothermic reaction?
    When the products are greater than the reactants
  16. What is an exothermic reaction?
    When the reactants are greater than the products
  17. Ea, activation energy is always....
  18. k and t1/2 are _______
    Inversely proportional
  19. Zero order integrated rate law and graph
    [A[ = -kt + [A]o

    Graph: [A] vs. t
  20. 1st order integrated rate law and graph
    ln[A] = -kt + ln [A]o

    Graph: ln[A] vs t
  21. 2nd order integrated rate law and graph
    1/[A] = kt + 1/[A]o

    Graph 1/[A] vs. t
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