Appendix E part 2

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  1. to be (sick, broke)
    andar mal (de salud, de dinero)
  2. to memorize, to learn by heart
    aprender de memoria
  3. to make a good (bad) impression on someone
    caerle bien(mal) a alguien
  4. to drop dead
    caerse muerto
  5. to change one's mind
    cambiar de idea
  6. to rely on
    contar con
  7. to be difficult for someone
    costarle trabajo
  8. (not) to think so
    creer que sI (no)
  9. to turn..years old
  10. to be due to
    deberse a
  11. to talk (a lot) of nonsense
    decir(muchos) disparates
  12. to say yes (no)
    decir que sI (no)
  13. to drop
    dejar caer
  14. to sleep like a dog (soundly)
    dormir a pierna suelta
  15. to earn one's living
    ganarse la vida
  16. to knock on the door
    llamar la puerta
  17. to carry out, to accomplish, to finish
    llevar a cabo
  18. (not) to get along with
    llevarse bien (mal) con
  19. to hold one's interest
    mantener la interEs
  20. to die laughing
    morirse de risa
  21. to be good for nothing
    no servir para nada
  22. to pay cash
    pagar al contado(en efectivo)
  23. to call the role
    pasar lista
  24. to have a good (bad) time
    pasarlo bien (mal)
  25. to borrow
    pedir prestado
  26. to waste one's time
    perder el tiempo
  27. to agree
    ponerse de acuerdo
  28. to stand (up)
    ponerse de pie
  29. to behave (misbehave)
    portarse bien (mal)
  30. to pay attention
    prestar atenciOn
  31. to look good (bad) on somebody
    quedar(le) bien (mal) a alguien
  32. to mean
    querer decir
  33. to taste like
    saber a
  34. to get a grade
    sacar una nota
  35. to take picture
    sacar una foto
  36. to agree with, to suit
    sentarle bien
  37. to be a fan of, to be fond of
    ser aficionado a
  38. to be time to
    ser hora de
  39. to sunbathe
    tomar el sol
  40. to pull someone's leg, to fool someone
    tomarle el pelo a alguien
  41. to be worthwhile, to be worth the trouble
    valer la pena
  42. to go crazy
    volverse loco
  43. enough
  44. sometimes, at times
    A (algunas) veces
  45. on board
    a bordo
  46. blindly
    a ciegas
  47. daily
    a diario
  48. in the end, after all, in the final analysis
    a fin de cuentas
  49. thoroughly, in detail
    a fondo
  50. in (nationality) style
    a la + nationality
  51. quickly, on the run
    a la carrera
  52. by force
    a la fuerza
  53. in the long run
    a la larga
  54. to have floor
    tener la palabra
  55. to be right (wrong)
    (no) tener razOn
  56. to arrive late
    llegar atrasao, llegar con atraso, llegar con retraso, llegar tarde
  57. to arrive on time
    llegar a tiempo
  58. to have to do with
    tener que ver con
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