BIOL 189 EX 2 Jeopardy Cellular Respiration

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  1. Cellular respiration produces energy in
    the form of ____.
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    The source of energy in cellular
    respiration is ___.
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    What is the function of NADH and FADH2?
    • o electron
    • carriers in cellular respiration
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    What are the four basic stages of cellular
    respiration that we discussed?
    • o glycolysis,
    • pyruvic acid grooming, citric acid cycle, and electron transport chain with ATP
    • synthase
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    Which kind to ATP phosphorylation requires
    oxygen to complete?
    • o electron
    • transport chain with ATP synthase (oxidative phosphorylation)
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    A creature which must use organic molecules as
    a carbon source is called a heterotroph. Organisms that fix carbon from carbon
    dioxide are called what?
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    When an atom or molecule receives an
    electron, it is _____.
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    Where are the electron transport chain and
    ATP synthase used in cellular respiration located in the cell, specifically?
    • o inner
    • nitochondrial membrane or cristae
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    Is an organism which can switch between
    cellular respiration with oxygen and cellular respiration without oxygen an
    obligate aerobe, an obligate anaerobe, or a facultative anaerobe?
    facultative anaerobe
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    Name one of the two stages of cellular
    respiration which produces CO2 as a waste product.
    • o pyruvic
    • acid grooming or citric acid cycle
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