1. insidious
    adv. Causing harm in a gradual manner that is difficult to notice.
  2. Mammoth
    adj. Very large
  3. Maudlin
    adj. Expressing too much emotion, especially in a foolish or annoying way.
  4. Mortify
    v. To cause someone to feel very embarrassed and foolish
  5. Muster
    v. 1)A formal military gathering to examine or test soldiers. 2) to work hard to find or get.
  6. Plunder
    V. 1)To steal things from a city, town, or similar place, especially by force. N 2)that which is gathered by said methods.
  7. Profusion
    N. A large amount of something
  8. Suppliant
    N. One who humbly implores
  9. Throes
    N. Spasms or pangs
  10. Tithe
    V. 1)To pay or give a tenth part of, especially for the suport of the church.
  11. Travail
    N. A difficult experience or situation
  12. Tripe
    N. 1)The stomach of an animal that is eaten for food. 2) Something poor, worthless, or offensive.
  13. Rebuke
    V. To speak in an angry and critical way or what is said (N)
  14. Restitution
    N. What is paid in repair for something broken
  15. Runnel
    N. A small stream
  16. Ruse
    N. A trick or act that is designed to fool someone.
  17. Shroud
    N. 1)A cloth that is used to wrap a dead body. 2) Something that covers or hides something 3) Act of hiding
  18. Spume
    N. Bubbles that form on an ocean wave
  19. Squall
    V. 1) To cry out raucously N. 2) Violent wind storm
  20. Suffice
    V. To be or provide as much as is needed
  21. Abyss
    N. An immeasurably deep gulf or great space
  22. Adz
    N. A cutting tool that has a thin curved blade and that is usually used for sharpening wood.
  23. Appalled
    Adj. (V?) To overcome with shock or dismay (appall).
  24. Bemuse
    Vt. To make confused or occupy the attention of.
  25. Bereft
    Adj. 1) Deprived or robbed of the possession or use of something. vi. 2) Sad because a family member or friend has died.
  26. Bier
    N. A stand on which a corpse or coffin is placed.
  27. Bilge
    N. 1) The part of the underwater body of a ship between the flat of the bottom and the vertical topsides. N. 2)Anything useless. vt. 3)To inflate N. 4)Anything untrue
  28. Blanch
    V. To remove the color from.
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