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  1. Job satisfaction is difficult to measure. It is generaly defined as
    a. low turnover rate
    b. # of long-term ees
    c. low absenteeism rate
    d. employee compensation matching expectations,
    "d. employee compensation matching expectations"
  2. Discovering what rewards lure your ees or prospective ees to the competition are part of this phase of the total rewards process: a. design b. evaluation c. assessment d. implementation",
    "a.the Design phase also looks at the threat of the competitors practices"
  3. "The goals of OSHA include al of the following EXCEPT:
    a. partnerships & cooperative programs
    b. development of protective gear
    c. education, outreach, & compliance assistance
    d. strong, fair, and effective enforcement,
  4. Repetitive motion injuries would result from:
    a. chemical exposure
    b. physical exposure
    c. disease exposure
    d. biological exposure,
    "b. physical exposure"
  5. Under OSHA what are er responsibilities?,
    • "1. reporting fatal accidents to OSHA w/in 8 hours
    • 2. Providing protective gear/clothing
    • and
    • 3. Providing training on OSHA standards",
  6. "What kind of occupational health hazard is secondhand smoke?
    a. biological exposure
    b. chemical exposure
    c. physical exposure
    d. disease exposure
    e. both a & c,
  7. The MOST hazardous industry according to OSHA?,
    shipyard work,
  8. "According to OSHA, ers have the right to:,
    • "-accompany an OSHA officer on inspection
    • -request id from an OSHA officer
    • -consult w/ OSHA on a potentially hazardous situation
    • BUT THEY CAN'T REFUSE an inspection",
  9. Work related injury means,
    "worker disregards safety procedures & falls from ladder"
  10. Which agency is responsible for policy & programs for workplace emergency mgmt?,
    • "Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • FEMA"
  11. TQM,
  12. a FLOW CHART is,
    "a graphic planning & control chart designed to demonstrate relationships between planned performance & actual performance"
  13. X/Y Theory,
    "Herzberg's theory of MOTIVATION,"
  14. SMART,
    "Specific Measurable Atttainable (or Action-oriented) Time based"
  15. VISION stmt,
    "short, catchy phrase that describes what the co is about",
  16. Mutual gains bargaining aka,
    "IBB or Collaborative(interest based bargaining)",
  17. abuse,
    refer to EAP
  18. "K & J manufacturing is considering outsourcing its human resources functions. Which of the following are factors to consider?a. lowering costs for the department being oursourcedb. reducing human capitalc. establishing a case for outsourcing to the board of directorsd. sale of assets to the new supplier of servicese. all of the above",
  19. "After 3 months on the job, an ee is fired w/o cause. This is an example of",
    the COMMON-LAW concept of EMPLOYMENT @ WILL,
  20. "Which of the following about a noncompete agreement is true? a. it must be presented as a condition of employment at the time the job offer is made b. it must contain a clause limiting the length of time the agreement will be in effect",
    b. limited time in effect,
  21. "If no ""reasonable cause is found during an EEOC complaint process",
    then the EEOC ends its involvement
  22. NLRA (Wagner),
    "workers can-organize-form, join, or assist labor unions-bargain collectively through reps of their own choosing",
  23. EEOC usually responds w/in,
    120 days,
  24. if EEOC can't make a determination,
    "ee has right to request right-to sue-letter after 180 days. Once right-to -sue is issued, ee has 90 days to file in federal court"
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