Chapter 2: Examine Vital Signs

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  1. Vital Signs Exam
    • Determine HR and BP
    • Examine RR, depth, rhythm, and characteristics of inspiratory and expiratory phases
    • Examine temperature
  2. Hypertension
    • ≥140 mm Hg systolic BP 
    • ≥90 mm HG diastolic
  3. HR and BP Changes in Response to Activity
    • Normally, HR increases in direct proportion to intensity of exercise
    • SBP increases
    • DBP remains the same or decreases moderately (widening of pulse pressure)
  4. With Increasing Intracranial Pressures
    Examine for changes in HR and BP that occur late
  5. Cheyne-Stokes Respiration
    • A period of apnea lasting 10-60 seconds followed by gradually increasing depth and frequency of respirations
    • Accompanies depression of frontal lobe and diencephalic dysfunction
  6. Hyperventilation
    • Increased rate and depth of respirations
    • Accompanies dysfunction of lower midbrain and pons
  7. Apneustic Breathing
    • Abnormal respiration marked by prolonged inspiration
    • Accompanies damage to upper pons
  8. Temperature Exam
    Elevation may indicate infection, damage to hypothalamus, or brainstem
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