Biomolecules Quiz

  1. Element
    a substance that ordinarily cannot be broken down chemically to form simpler kinds of matter
  2. atom
    the simplest particle of an element that retains all the properties of that element
  3. proton
    a subatomic particle with a positive charge
  4. neutron
    a subatomic particle with no electric charge
  5. acid
    any substance that increases the concentration of hydrogen ion (H+) when added to a water solution
  6. aqueous
    a solution in which water is the solvent
  7. activation energy
    amount of energy required for a chemical reaction to start and to continue on its own
  8. base
    any substance that increases the concentration of hydroxide (OH-) ions when added to a water solution
  9. buffer
    chemical that neutralizes small amounts of acids or bases added to a solution
  10. compound
    composed of two or more parts
  11. covalent bond
    a bond that forms when two atoms share one or more pairs of electrons
  12. catalysts
    a chemical that reduces the amount of activation energy need for a reaction but is not a reactant. speed up reaction
  13. electron
    a particle with a negative electric charge that orbits the nucleus of an atom
  14. energy
    available power/charge
  15. exothermic
    gives off heat
  16. endothermic
    makes its own heat and keeps it
  17. enzymes
    a catalyst usually a protein, breaks down its substrate
  18. ionic bond
    a bond formed by electrical attraction between two oppositely charged ions
  19. ion
    an atom or a compound with a net electrical charge
  20. isotope
    one of multiple forms of a chemical element that has a different number of neutrons than the other atoms of that element.
  21. molecule
    a chemical structure composed of one or more atoms
  22. reactants
    a compound or atom involved in a chemical reaction
  23. substrate
    lies beneath and supports another the reactant in an enzyme catalyzed reaction
  24. products
    products are made out of the substrate which is formed by the enzyme
  25. solution
    a mix in which one or more substance are uniformly dissolved in another substance
  26. solute
    a substance dissolved in a solution
  27. solvent
    in a solution, the substance in which a a solute is dissolved
  28. ph
    tests the acidity, relative concentrations of hydronium ions and hydroxide ions in a solution
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