Chapter 1: Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics - Elbow Region

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  1. Humeroulnar Joint
    • Distal end of humerus articulates with proximal end of ulna
    • Trochlea and trochlear notch face ant at 45 degree angle - allows space between ulna and humerus during flexion
  2. Humeroradial Joint
    Distal end of humerus (capitulum) articulates with concave oval facet of proximal radius
  3. Radioulnar Joint
    • Proximal: radial head is ovoid and cone shaped
    • Medial radius artiuculates with lateral notch of ulna
    • Distal: convex ulna articulates with concave radius (opposite to proximal articulation)
  4. Elbow Joint Capsule
    • Encloses entire joint complex
    • Thin aneriorly and posteriorly
    • Continues medially with UCL and laterally with RCL
  5. Elbow Ligaments: UCL
    • Triangular shaped, consists of 3 parts
    • Reinforces humeroulnar joint medially
  6. Elbow Ligaments: RCL
    • Fan shaped
    • Runs from lateral epicondyle to annular ligament
    • Reinforces humeroulnar joint laterally
  7. Elbow Ligaments: AnnularĀ 
    • Osteofibrous ring attched to medial ulna and encircles radial head
    • Inner surface lined with fibrocartilage
    • Protects radial head, especially in semiflexion (very unstable)
    • Taught in extremes of pronation and supination
  8. Elbow Ligaments: Quadrate
    • Extends from radial notch (ulna) to the neck of the radius
    • Reinforces inferior joint capsule
    • Maintains radial head in opposition to ulna
    • Limits amount of spin in supinatio and pronation
  9. Elbow Ligaments: Distal Radioulnar
    • Anterior and posterior portions
    • Primarily strengthens capsule
  10. Olecranon Bursa
    Located on post aspect of elbow over olecranon processĀ 
  11. Elbow Joint Blood Supply
    • Brachial artery
    • Ant ulnar recurrent artery
    • Post ulnar recurrent artery
    • Radial recurrent artery
    • Middle collateral branch of deep brachial artery
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