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  1. Head of Fox News
    Roger Ailes
  2. Obamacare
    Affordable Care Act
  3. Led to Massive Ground beef recall
    E. Coli
  4. Quartering soldiers during time of war with consent only
    Amendment 3
  5. The right of the people to be secure in their homes. Government must get a warrant with probable cause and placed to be searched.
    4th amendment
  6. Double jeopardy. Grand Jury indictment.
    5th amendment
  7. Right to a speedy trial. Have assistance of counsel.
    6 amendment
  8. Trial by jury in civil cases.
    7th amendment
  9. Cruel and unusual punishment
    8th amendment
  10. Powers not delegated to the U.S.
    10th amendment
  11. No state shall deprive any person life, liberty, our property, without due process of law.
    14th amendment
  12. Slavery abolished
    13th amendment
  13. Choosing the President, vice-president
    12th amendment
  14. Treason defined
    Judicial Branch, Article 3, section 3
  15. Former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya who was forced to resign in part after using a personal email account to conduct official business. He says it was hypocritical for Hillary to do same and not get punished.
    Scott Gration
  16. This Hillary Clinton aide shared stories of some of her experiences while working on President Clinton's 1992 campaign She revealed that she told President Clinton if their was any sex or affairs she would quit working for himĀ  She says her speech worked and that the President was 'straight as could be' while campaigning.
    Susan Thomases
  17. President of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.
    Mahmoud Abbas
  18. Accused of illegally shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri
    Darren Wilson
  19. This President gave us the Sedition Act
    Woodrow Wilson
  20. Although this President opposed the creation of the First Bank of the United States on constitutional grounds, he signed the bill creating the Second Bank,
    James Madison
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