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  1. PAMWS flows information to which parts
    FO, Sovern and Sharpoint
  2. PAMWS exchanges information, both ways with which part?
  3. What is the function of Sovren
    Parses resumes
  4. CRM Sharpoint folders, what are they?
    Account, contact, compliance, parsing
  5. What is the SharePoint threshold for viewingany records?
    Cannot be more than 5000 records
  6. The parsing folder has what views
    HTML, TXT and XML
  7. If a user is unable to view a resume in sharepoint, what could be missing?
    The HTML copy of the resume
  8. Describe a branded resume
    strips personal contact information of a candidate to send to their client
  9. When performing a candidate search, what parts does it search?
    CRM, PAMWS and Sharepoint
  10. What is ESS
    • Employee self service
    • A portal for candidates to apply for jobs, update info such as phone number, view pay stubs and time history (and more)
  11. ESS pulls information from which part
  12. PADATA pulls information from which parts
    ESS, CRM (ID), BO/GP
  13. What is RMS
    • Retail Management System
    • Tied with GP
    • POC Brad
  14. BI includes what parts
    • Retail (RMS) and BO/GP
    • POC Matthew (new) and Kent (go to first)
  15. 1Staff settings for registration is located where
    upper right conner
  16. 1Staff registration key can be found where?
    application settings.XML
  17. Create a job role does what
    • = staging of the job
    • the point of the process of accepting and approved for the job
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