Ch. 3 Adolescent Diversity class notes

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  1. What are the four limitations for adolescents with low SES?
    • limited alternatives (limited options for school to job limit opportunities, usually "stuck" physically and metaphorically)
    • hopelessness/powerlessness
    • deprivation/hardship (social toxicity, violence and lack of supervision associated with youth)
    • Insecurity (at mercy of life's unpredictable events such as sickness, injury, family struggles, and so on)
  2. What leads to family instability?
    lack of both parents leading to more stress and less parenting)
  3. What is a side effect of low SES?
    high rate of mental illness
  4. Who are easily identifiable and thus easy targets for prejudice?
    minority adolescents
  5. What do African American Adolescents experience?
    lots of discrimination and conforming to an inferior role with poverty twice as high as non-minority groups
  6. What do Latino Adolescents experience?
    lower chance of graduating from high school due to language barriers with a higher chance of suffering from ill health and lower chance of being insured (familialism emphasized)
  7. What do Native American Adolescents experience?
    culture conflict between their native reservations and the way of life in urban america in addition to low education, high unemployment and low income
  8. What do Asian American Adolescents experience?
    value collectivism and are considered the "model minority"
  9. What can make figuring out your own identity difficult?
    family culture being potentially different from the majority social and media culture (mostly for minorities)
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