Sat vocab 14

  1. abet
    to support or encourage someone, especially someone who has done something wrong
  2. aperture
    an opening
  3. Cavil
    to quibble, to raise trivial objections
  4. cherub
    a super cute chubby cheeked child; a kind of angel
  5. Cloy
    to cause to feel too full, especially indulging in something overly sweet, to become wearisome through excess
  6. decry
    to put down; to denounce
  7. dross
    worthless stuff, especially worthless stuff arising from the production of valuable stuff
  8. Explicate
    to make a detailed explanation of the meaning of
  9. exhume
    to unbury; to dif out of the ground
  10. gratis
    free of charge
  11. lobby
    to urge legislative action; to exert influence
  12. lout
    boor; oaf; clod
  13. presentiment
    the feeling that something( especially bad) is about to happen
  14. reprimand
    stern reproof; official rebuke
  15. Rife
    occuring frequently; widespread; common; swarming
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