1. Cranial Nerve I: Olfactory
    Afferent (Sensory): smell

    Efferent (motor): None

    Test: Identify familiar odors (e.g. chocolate, coffee)
  2. Cranial Nerve II: Optic
    Afferent (Sensory): Sight

    Efferent (Motor): None

    Test: Test visual field
  3. Cranial Nerve III: Oculomotor
    Afferent (Sensory): None

    • Efferent (Motor): Voluntary motor: levator of eyelid; superior, medial, and inferior recti; inferior oblique muscle of eyeball
    • Autonomic: Smooth muscle of eyeball

    • Test: Upward, downward, and medial gaze
    • Reaction to light
  4. Cranial Nerve IV: Trochlear
    Afferent (Sensory): None

    Efferent (motor): Voluntary motor- Superior oblique muscle of eyeball

    Test: Downward and lateral gaze
  5. Cranial Nerve V: Trigeminal
    Afferent (Sensory): Touch, pain: skin of face, mucous membranes of nose, sinuses, mouth, anterior tongue

    Efferent (motor): muscles of mastication

    Test: Corneal reflex, Face sensation, Clench teeth; push down on chin to separate jaws
  6. Cranial Nerve VI: Abducens
    Afferent (Sensory): None

    Efferent (Motor): Lateral rectus muscle of eyeball

    Test: Lateral gaze
  7. Cranial Nerve VII: Facial
    Afferent (Sensory): Taste- anterior tongue

    • Efferent (Motor): Facial Muscle
    • Autonomic- Lacrimal, submandibular, and sublingual gland

    Test - Close eyes tight, smile and show teeth, whistle and puff cheeks, Identify familiar tastes (e.g. sweet, sour)
  8. Cranial Nerve VIII: Vestibulocochlear
    Afferent (Sensory): Hearing, Balance

    Efferent (Motor): None

    Test: Hear watch tick, hearing test, balance and coordination
  9. Cranial Nerve IX: Glossopharyngeal
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