FAR-AIM 1 Abbreviations

  1. AFM
    Airplane flight manual
  2. AGL
    above ground level
  3. ALS
    approach light system
  4. APU
    auxiliary power unit
  5. ASR
    airport surveillance radar
  6. ATC
    air traffic control
  7. ATS
    Air Traffic Service
  8. CAMP
    continuous airworthiness maintenance program
  9. CAS
    calibrated airspeed
  10. CATII
    Category II
  11. CHDO
    FAA Flight Standards certifcate holding district office
  12. CONSOL(AN)
    Low or medium frequency long range navigational aid
  13. CMP
    configuration, maintenance, and procedures
  14. DH
    decision height
  15. DME
    distance measuring equiment compatibleiwth TACAN
  16. EAS
    equivalent airspeed
  17. EFVS
    enhanced flight vision system
  18. Equi-Time-Point
    "point on the route of flight where the flight time
  19. ETOPS
    extended operations
  20. EQIS
    electrical wiring interconnection system
  21. FAA
    Federal Aviation Adminiatration
  22. FFS
    fullflight simulator
  23. FM
    fan marker
  24. FSTD
    flight simulation training device
  25. FTD
    flight training device
  26. GS
    glide slope
  27. HIRL
    high-intensity runway light system
  28. IAS
    indicated airspeed
  29. ICAO
    International Civil Aviation Organization
  30. IFR
    instrument flight rules
  31. IFSD
    in-flight shutdown
  32. ILS
    instrument landing system
  33. IM
    ILS inner marker
  34. INT
  35. LDA
    localizer type directional aid
  36. LFR
    low frequency radio range
  37. LMM
    compass locator at middle marker
  38. LOC
    ILS localizer
  39. LOM
    compass locator at outer marker
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