International Business

  1. Global Logistics
    • Materials Management
    • Physical distribution
    • Systems concept
    • total cost concept
    • trade off concept
  2. Supply chain
    A complex global network created by a firm to connect with its vendors, suppliers and other third parties and its customers in order to schieve greater cost effciecies and to enhance competitiveness
  3. Materials Management (Global Logistics)
    the timely movement of raw materials, parts, and supplies into and through the firm
  4. Physical Distribution (Global Logistics)
    the movement of finsihed products from suppliers to customers
  5. Sysytems Concept (Global Logistics)
    a conpect of logistics based on the notion that materials flow activities are so complex that they can be considered only in the context of their interaction
  6. Total- Cost concept (Global Logistics)
    A decision concept that identifies and links expenidures in order to evaluate and optimize logistical activities
  7. Trade off Concept (Global Logistics)
    a decsion cocept yhat reconizes interavtions within the decision system
  8. Supply chain management
    Connnecting the value adding activities of the companys; supply sid ewith its demand side
  9. Just in time inventory systems
    Materials scheduled to arrive precisely when they are needed on the production line, miniimzies storage requirments
  10. Land bridge
    Transfer of ocean frieght among various modes of land-based transportation
  11. Sea bridge
    the transfer of freight among various modes of ocean frieght
  12. intermodal movements
    the transfer of freight from one type of transportation to another
  13. Ocean shipping
    • Liner service
    • Bulk Service
    • Tramp Service
  14. Liner ervice (Ocean shipping)
    Ocean shipping characterized by regularly scheduled passage on established routes
  15. Bulk Service (Ocean shipping)
    ocean shipping provided on contract either for individual voyages or fpr prolonged periods of time
  16. Tramp Service (Ocean shipping)
    Ocean shipping via irregular routes scheduled only on demand
  17. Roll-on-roll-off
    Transportation vesseld built to accommodate trucks that can drive on in one port and drive off at their destinations
  18. Lighter aboard ship vessel
    Barge stored on a ship and lowered at the point of destination to operate on inland waterways
  19. Four factors for determining mode of transit
    • 1. Transit time
    • 2.Predicability
    • 3. cost
    • 4. on-economic factors
  20. Trasit time (transit mode determinants)
    the period between departure and arrival of the shipment
  21. predictability (transit mode determinants)
    the degree of likelhood that a shipment will arrive on time and in good condition
  22. Tracking
    The capability of the shipper to determine the location of the goods at any point during the shipment
  23. straight bill of landing
    the non-negotiable bill of landing usually used in prepaid transactions in which the transported goods involved are delievered to a specific individual of company
  24. Shippers order
    the negotiable bill of landing that can be bought sold or traded while the subject goods are still in trasit and that is used for letter of credit transactions
  25. Commercial invoice
    A bill for trasported goods that describes the merchandise and its toal costs and lists the addresses of the shipper and seller and delivery and payment terms
  26. intercoms
    International commerce terms widely accepted terms used in quating export prices
  27. Free on Board
    FOB is the term used with the ownership/liability of goods passes from the seller to the buyer at the time the goods cross the shipping point to be delievered
  28. Cost, Insurance and freight (CIF)
    seller quates a price including insurance , all transportation, and misc charges to the point of debarkation from the vessel or aircraft
  29. Inventory Issues ( 3 factors)
    • 1. the order cycle time
    • 2. desired customer service levels
    • 3. use of inventories as a strategic tool
  30. Order cycle time
    the total time that passes between the placement of the order and the receipt of the merchandise
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