1. Cubital fossa Boundaries
    Prox: line b/n epicondyles

    Med: pronator teres

    Lat: brachioradialis

    Distal: jxn of brachioradialis and pronator teres
  2. Cubital fossa floor
    Brachialis: before inserting on ulnar tuberosity

    Supinator: from supinator crest of ulna before passing post. to prox radius
  3. Cubital Fossa Roof
    Antebrachial fascia

    Lat: cephalic vein, Med: basilic vein

    medical cubital vein connecting above 2 veins

    med and lat cutaneous n of forearm

    bicipital aponeurosis
  4. Bicipital aponeurosis
    medial continuation of biceps tendon that meets with forearm fascia
  5. cubital fossa contents
    • "TAN"
    • tendon of biceps brachii

    brachial art. (splits to radial and ulnar arteries)

    median n. (enters fossa ant to brachialis)
  6. Anterior forearm compartmet
    all musc. innervation by median n except 1 1/2 by ulnar n
  7. superficial forearm musc
    arise from common flexor tendon

    median n exits cubital fossa between 2 heads of pronator teres

    ulnar n enters foream b/n 2 heads of flexor carpi ulnaris
  8. pronator teres
    • origin: humeral head -common flexor tendon
    • ulnar head - med side of coronoid process

    Insertion: lat mid-shaft of radius

    Innervation: Median n

    Action: pronation of forearm
  9. Flexor Carpi radialis
    Origin: common flexor tendon

    Insertion: base of metacarpals 1 and 2

    Innervation: median n

    Action: flexes and abducts hand at wrist
  10. Palmaris Longus
    Origin: common flexor tendon

    Insertion: palmar aponeurosis

    Innervation: Median n

    Action: flexes hand at wrist
  11. flexor carpi ulnaris
    • Origin: Humeral head - common flexor tendon
    • Ulnar head - olecranon and posterior ulna

    Insertion: pisiform, hamate, and base of metacarpal 5

    Innervation: ulnar n

    Action: flexes and adducts hand at wrist
  12. Intermediate forearm musc - flexor digitorum superficialis
    • origin: humero-ulnar head - med epicondyle and adjacent margin of coronoid process
    • radial head - oblique line of radius

    insertion: intermediate phalanges of digits 2-5

    innernation: median n

    action: flexes intermediate phalanx, metacarpophlangeal jts, and wrist
  13. Deep musc of forearm
    FDP, FPL, pronator quadratus

    median n for lat half runs b/n FPL and FDP

    ulnar n for med half runs between FDP and flexor carpi ulnaris
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