BIBC 120 Protein and Health

  1. AMDR for proteins
  2. RDA of proteins for 0-6 month old
    91g/day, 1.52g/kg per day
  3. RDA for 19-30 year old
    56g/day 0.8g/kg per day
  4. Four essential amino acids
    lysine, tryptophan, methionine, valine
  5. three non-essential amino acids
    alanine, aspartate, glutamate
  6. deamination of alanine
  7. deamination of aspartate
  8. deamination of glutamate
    alpha ketoglutarate
  9. What are some complete protein sources?
    meats, eggs, dairy
  10. What are some incomplete protein sources?
    gluten, legumes, rice & corn
  11. What is complementation? Give an example.
    • Legumes: high in lysine and tryptophan
    • Rice & corn: high in methionine
  12. Do athletes need more than 0.8g of protein per day?
    No, amino acid availability is not the rate determining step in muscle formation
  13. What are three advantages to vegetarian/vegan diet?
    • high consumption of red meat is associated with cancer risk
    • less red meat consumption means less SFA intake
    • less calorie intake
  14. Which has lower digestibility than the other: plant or animal proteins? What is an example?
    plant proteins have lower digestibility than animal proteins; glutenin/gliadin
  15. What does PER stand for?
    Protein Efficiency Ratio
  16. What is the equation for PER?
    weight gain (g)/protein intake (g)
  17. What is a protein with high PER?
    egg protein
  18. What is a protein with low PER?
  19. What does PEM stand for?
    Protein-Energy Malnutrition
  20. What is Kwashiorkor?
    insufficient amino acid intake; insufficient calories
  21. What is Marasmus?
    insufficient calorie intake
  22. What is the main MUFA in the Mediterranean diet?
    olive oil
  23. What are some components of the Mediterranean diet?
    • less risk for disease
    • lots of fruits and vegetables
    • complex carbs (starch)
    • lots of legumes
    • moderate consumption of fish (low meat)
    • olive oil is main fat added
    • low to moderate consumption of red wine during meals
    • low dairy
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