History 17

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  1. what doctrine stated that the U.S. would oppose any European interference in the affairs of independent Latin American nations
    Monroe Doctrine
  2. Letter written by Spanish ambassador insulting President McKinley
    Delome letter
  3. Where did the first battle of the Spanish- American War take place
    Philippine Islands
  4. Group of college athletes, cowboys, and Indians
    Rough Riders
  5. Who led the Rough Riders
    that were led by Colonel Leonard Wood and Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
  6. Were did the Rough Riders attack
    San Juan Hill
  7. What Island did Spain sell to the U.S.
    How much
    • Phillipines 
    • 20,000,000
  8. Three important results of the Spanish-American War
    • 1.  U.S. gained recognition as a leading naval power
    • 2.  Great Britain's support of the U.S. during the war fostered a growing alliance between the two nations
    • 3.  the war helped stimulate American trade and industry both at home and abroad
  9. what is an Imperialist
    someone who wants to control the governments and resources of other nations, conquering and making them into colonies
  10. who worked to stop the spread of malaria and yellow fever
    Dr. Walter Reed
  11. What amedment provided Cuban Independence under Certain conditions that was passed by congress in 1901
    Platt Amendment
  12. What tipe of governments do the Islands Guam and Puerto Rico have today
    • Puerto Rico: self-governing common wealth
    • Guam: Territory of US. citizenship
  13. which Island developed the heist standard of living
    Puerto Rico
  14. Who won the election in the year of 1900
    Theodor Roosevelt
  15. commander of the U.S. Pacific fleet in Hong Kong, China at the battle of Manila Bay
    Commodore George Dewey
  16. president McKinley's vice president in the running election
    Theodor Roosevelt
  17. were did the U.S. gain permission to set up a naval base when protecting Hawaii
    Peal Harbor
  18. President Roosevelt friend, and a famous naturalist who founded the Sierra Club
    John Muir
  19. financed emigration projects from sale of public lands
    Newlands Reclamation Act
  20. what policy promoted free trade in China
    • Open Door Policy
    • John Hay
  21. Roosevelt received Nobel Piece Prize for Negotiating piece between what two countries
    • Japan
    • Russia
  22. what treaty gave the U.S. the right to build and police a canal
    Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
  23. doctor sent to rid Panama Canal Zone of tropical fever
    William Gorgas
  24. American army colonel responsible for building Panama Canal
    George Washington Goethals
  25. who wrote The Jungle
    Upton Sinclair
  26. Who won the election of 1908
    William H. Taft
  27. what was the 47th. and 48th. state
    • New Mexico
    • Arizona
  28. what act increased the government's power to regulate businesses
    Mann-Elkins Act
  29. what president supported "Dollar Diplomacy"
    William Taft
  30. who won the election of 1912
    Woodrow Wilson
  31. what amendment gave congress the power to tax personal income
    16th Amendment
  32. what amendment reflected the Progressive belief that people should have a more direct voice in political affairs
    17th Amendment
  33. who has almost complete control over the nation's money supply.
    Federal Reserve
  34. what did we call the Danish West Indies after we purchased them

    why are they important to day
    the Virginia Islands

    they provided an important base for defense of the Panama Canal
  35. "Big Four":
    • England: Prime minister George
    • U.S.: President Wilson
    • France: Georges Clemenceau of France
    • Italy: Prime minister Vittorio Orlando
  36. The 14th point in the Fourteen Points is
    General Association
  37. What are the three main point in the Treaty of Versailles
    • 1. German Territory loss
    • 2. Demilitarization of Germany
    • 3. Reparation and admission of guilt
  38. What league did America reject because they believed they would loose their independence and encounter future world conflicts
    League of Nations
  39. what were comunists comenly known as
  40. who led the FBI
    J. Edgar Hoover
  41. president Wilson's 14th point body created to ensure peace
    League of Nations
  42. the assembly line benefited industries how
    it allowed the average person to own an automobile
  43. what company began the mass production of automobiles
    Ford Motor Company
  44. what, where, when was the first commercial broadcasting station
    • KDKA
    • Pittsburgh
    • 1920
  45. what and when was the first national radio network
    • NBC
    • 1927
  46. What three things centered in New York City
    • banking
    • the arts
    • international trade
  47. what act provided penalties to any one who gave information to enemies, interfered with recruiting
    Espionage Act
  48. who was the most famous pilot from WWI
    "Eddie" Rickenbacker
  49. A theological debate
  50. who believes the Bible is full of errors man is basically good Jesus is not God and there is no such thing as heaven or hell
  51. what amendment and what word means prohibited the sail of alcohol
    • 18th amendment
    • prohibition
  52. what group was influential in passing the 18th and 19th amendment
    WCTU (Woman's Christian Temperance Union)
  53. in what trial did William Jennings Bryan defend the Bible and win the case against evolution
    Scopes Trial ("monkey trial")
  54. who became president after Warren Harding died in office
    Calvin Coolidge
  55. who was the first president sworn into office by the father
    Calvin Coolidge
  56. what stated that the Germans war debt was
    renegotiated to include smaller payments to the Allies
    Dawes plan
  57. what pact did Frank Kellogg
    Kellog-Briand Pact
  58. what pact ignord the sin nature of man
    Kellog-Briand Pact
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