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  1. Who did Mary Rhinehart ride through the rockies with?
    Howard Eaton
  2. wrote "Old Yellowstone days" in 1936
    Owen Wister
  3. Who headed the commission overseeing the management of Yosemite Mariposa Grant in the state of California?
    Frederick Law Olmstead
  4. date of concord hymm
    April 19, 1775
  5. what does the concord hymm
    Shot heard round the world, minute men, the rude bridge across the flood
  6. Where did John Muir and Ralph Waldo Emerson meet?
  7. what did Muir call emerson
    A Sequoia
  8. what month is good oak represented in?
  9. who wrote "A nations Park
    George Catlin
  10. In his preface, who did David Harmon say the 2 writers who could be classified as nature writers were?
    John Muir and John Burroughs
  11. John McFee described your instructor
    talks in a slow roll that could get him a job in a movie, hair looks as though a hairor comb would never have invited him to nature, has a yard which is a showcaseof natural succession.
  12. Wrote "The Virginian"
    Owen Wister
  13. Who frequently used free-verse
    Carl Sanberg
  14. who first had the idea for national parks
    George Catlin
  15. Who wrote "Galloping the Great West"?
     Thomas Wolfe
  16. Who said/wrote "these things I ponder as the kettle sings...."
     Aldo Leopold
  17. Who said "when the muskrat went under the bridge, I moved"?
    Annie Dillard
  18. Who said "Its quiet to go down to the canyon....mule"?
    John Burroughs
  19. Who said "The main duty with which the Commissioner should be charged . . .this peculiarity exists wholly in its scene."?
    Fredrick Law Olmsted
  20. Who said "It is for us the living to be dedicated to the unfinished work . . ." ?
    Abe Lincoln (Gettysburg address)
  21. Who said "But we were not to be discouraged . . . there is always satisfaction in going to the bottom of things."?
    John Burroughs
  22. Who said "Cities call I have heard them but they are no voice in all the world so consistent to me than the call of the Rockies." ?
     Mary Roberts Rinehart
  23. Who said "I would ask no other monument to my memory . . . than the reputation of having been the founder of such an institution."?
    Fredrick Law Olmstead
  24. Who said "Now we are engaged in the Great Civil are . . . so conceived and so dedicated . ." ?
    Abe Lincoln
  25. who said "The duty of preservation . . . because the millions hereafter can benefit from the act have the largest interest . . . "?
    Fredrick Law Olmstead
  26. T or F. A section is a subdivision of a geographic or physiographic province.
  27. What are the Mississippi river Embankment and the alluvial plain examples of?
    physiographic section
  28. what are the Central Lowlands, Coastal Plain, and Interior Low Plateau examples of?
    physiographic province
  29. Baton Rouge is in what physiographic section
    Miss. River Embankment or Alluvial Plain
  30. when did the event that made minute man nat. park significant occur?
     April 19, 1775
  31. what year was yosemite established?
  32. When was Yellowstone established?
    March 1, 1872
  33. when was the grand canyon set aside?
  34. what physiographic province is the grand canyon in?
     colorado plateau
  35. what is judge cornelius hedges associated with
  36. what is Lee Ferry associated with?
    Grand Canyon
  37. what is william henry jackson associated with?
  38. what is ferdinand hayden associated with
  39. what is paul revere associated with
     minute man
  40. what is frederick law olmstead associated with?
  41. what physiographic province is minute man located in?
    New England
  42. What national park contains North Bridge?
    Minute man
  43. what national park is abe lincoln associated with?
  44. what is a famous part of minute man?
    minute man statue
  45. what is thomas moran associated with
  46. Major John Wesley Powell is associated with what nat. park?
    Grand Canyon
  47. What physiographic province is Yosemite located in?
    Sierra Nevada
  48. Rocky Mountain physiographic province is divided into 4 sections. The shaded section was ?
    Middle Rockies.
  49. John Muir is associated with?
  50. Which scale shows the most area?
  51. The cascades are located where?
    north of the sierra nevada province
  52. Fall line seperates what provinces?
    Piedmont/coastal plain
  53. map projection best at showing land masses nearest their actual size?
    Goode's interrupted projection
  54. what drains internally?
     basin and range
  55. 3 ways to show relief are?
    contour lines, hillocks, and hachures
  56. what is the first scenic reserve created by federal action?
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