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  1. The set of instructions available for a particular CPU is known as its _____________.
    machine language
  2. There are ___ characters in a sample machine instruction format. Describe what they are for.
    There are 4 characters. The first character refers to the Op-code. It is the instruction the CPU will carry out. The remaining 3 characters are for operands, but they may not all be used (depending on the Op-code).
  3. Review Sample Machine Architecture slide.
  4. Review quiz with machine language sample program.
  5. What is assembly language?
    Assembly language is a special language specific to the machine it is running on that was developed to make it easier to program computers. To run a program written in assembly language it is rirst run through an assembler that translates the assembly language code into machine language.
  6. What are the problems with assembly languages?
    • 1) They are still machine-dependent (like machine language).
    • 2) They are too nit-picky. Programmers spend too much time choreographing the computer's activities rather than on the overall solution of the problem being tackled.
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