Nutrition Chp.6 (6)

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  1. three amino acids bonded together. tri-three
  2. two amino acids formed together. di- two, peptide- amino acid
  3. bond that connects the acid end of one amino acid with the amino end of another forming a link in a protein chain
    Peptide bond
  4. an amino acid that is normally nonessential, but must be supplied by the diet in special circumstances when the need for it exceeds the body's ability to produce it.
    Conditionally essential amino acid
  5. amino acids that the body can make
    Nonessential amino acid
  6. building blocks of protein. Each contains an amino group, an acid group, a hydrogen atom, and a distinctive side group, all attached to a central carbon atom. amino - containing nitrogen
    Amino Acids
  7. contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Arranged into amino acids linked in a chain. source of energy. needed by tissue for repair and growth. made up of 20 amino acids.
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