Principles of Room Design

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  1. What are the 5 concepts of Room Design?
    • Envelope
    • Contents
    • Connections
    • Flow
    • Scale
  2. Envelope
    The space is functional and comfortable. It is the right size and has good shape and proportion.
  3. Contents
    The furnishings, equipment, and accessories support the functions of the room.

    Spaced correctly and work well within the space.

    Well grounded and are grouped in logical configurations
  4. Connections
    The space connects well to other spaces, to the exterior and to special features inside the space.

    If applicable it receives natural light and a connection to the outside.
  5. Flow
    the entry point is logical and contents are arranged in a way that makes movement within and through the space efficient and fluid.
  6. Scale
    Architectural and interior elements in the room are of various sizes, ranging from large to small. Large walls are subdivided into smaller units and articulated.
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