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  1. ADA-AG
    American with Disabilities Act, Accessibility Guidelines
  2. What are accessibility guidelines?
    Guidelines for accessibility to public places and commercial facilities by individuals with disabilities.
  3. The ADA-AG is based on what
    Adult Anthropometrics
  4. Anthropometrics
    The study of the human body as it moves and reaches
  5. Aisle Width Minimum
    36" Wide
  6. How high should Door hardware be placed?
    48" AFF
  7. Controls and Equipment should be how high up for the top reach? (Light Switch)
    48" AFF
  8. Controls and Equipment should be how high up for the low reach? (Like an outlet)
    15" AFF
  9. Eye level for a person in a wheelchair is how much below a standing person?
  10. What is the turning radius for a wheelchair?
  11. How is range of motion different for wheelchair or scooter users?
    • Vertical Reach is restricted
    • Low Reach is awkward
    • Horizontal (Side) Reach is the easiest
    • Forward Reach is restricted by footrest
  12. What is the side reach for someone in a wheelchair?
    9" - 54"
  13. What is the reach over an obstacle for someone in a wheelchair?
    24" (Width) - 46" (Height)
  14. What is the forward reach for someone in a wheelchair?
    15" - 48"
  15. What is the forward approach for someone in a wheelchair?
    30" x 48" of clear space
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