Nutrition Chp.3-4 (3)

  1. Ingestion of prunes
    Know dietary measures known to help constipation
  2. glucose
    What is known as blood sugar or dextrose
  3. 1 glucose, 1 fructose
    The composition of sucrose
  4. 2 glucose
    The composition of maltose
  5. 1 glucose, 1 galactose unit
    The composition of lactose
  6. Glycogen
    Primary storage form of carbohydrate in the body
  7. bloating, pain cramps, gas, vomiting
    Symptoms of lactose intolerance
  8. muscles
    Most of the body's glycogen is found where?
  9. Gluconeogenesis
    the making of glucose, from a noncarbohydrate source such as amino acid or glycerol
  10. Pancreas
    Which organ is the first to respond to an increase in blood glucose concentration?
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Nutrition Chp.3-4 (3)
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