shorthand comments

  1. Unit
    A vehicle /truck / boat or plane
  2. EMT
    Emergency medical technician (used to be BLS)
  3. Baby Bus
    incubator capable ambulance that carries medical air
  4. Battlion
    Stations within a division
  5. CRU
    Co-response unit
  6. Cross street
    nearest intersection
  7. DOM
    District operations manager
  8. Shift supervisor (watch manager)
    Responsible for duty team
  9. CDC (combined district coordinator)
    Watch operational management of all regional road staff eg. red, blue ,green , brown
  10. Division
    An area within a jurisdiction eg N- Auckland north, C Central east, S- christchurch
  11. FRU
    First response unit
  12. Hospital catchment
    areas from which a hospital will accept pts depending on injury
  13. Incident times
    indicates the times that a unit reached certain status in the incident
  14. Jurisdiction
    regions within an agency: Centralcomm WFA, Northcomm St John Northern, Southcomm St John NRSI
  15. Nature /problem
    the type of incident
  16. Notify
    Send a comment to a unit and /or all workstations
  17. Oscar
    Call sign used by shift supervisors when and if they are 'on the road'
  18. Purple response (Echo)
    Immediately life threatening (cardiac /resp arrest)
  19. Red response
    immediately life threatening or time critical
  20. Orange response
    Urgent /potentially serious but not immediately life threatening
  21. green response
    non-urgent, dispatched immediately as available
  22. grey response
    non -urgent. Further telephone triage appropriate if available
  23. SFP
    Safe forward point
  24. Paramedic (PARA)
    formerly known as ILS Intermediate Life support
  25. BLS
    Basic life support unit- EMT and below capable
  26. First responder (FR)
    includes first aid and former PC1, PC2
  27. ICP
    Intensive care paramedic Formerly known as ALS and AP
  28. PRIME
    Primary response in a medical emergency. A group of rural GPs and nurses who provide emergency call out services
  29. Sierra unit
    Single crewed non-trnasport unit with ALS or ILS paramedic on board. Assess, refer, treat Pts in own home to reduce number of transports
  30. Tango unit
    Specialised RRU with a variety of skills on board
  31. Trip Authorisation number
    The PIN or code given for billing purposes
  32. Status 0
  33. Status 1
    critical problem with immediate threat to life
  34. Status 2
    Serious problem with potential threat to life
  35. Status 3
    Moderate problem- unlikely to threaten life
  36. Status 4
    Minor problem with no threat to life
  37. Hypertension
    High BP
  38. Hypotension
    Low BP
  39. Apnoea
    Stoppage of breathing
  40. Syncope
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