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  1. What information is required on a prescription order but not required on a medication order?

    D) refills are only on Rx prescription and are not required on a medication order.
  2. Which of the following describes a route of administration?

    B) intravaneous is the only option that is a route of administration
  3. Aseptic Technique:
    methods that maintain a sterile condition of products
  4. A physical inventory of scheduled substances must be done:
    bi- annually
  5. To take a medication sublingually means to:
    place under tongue
  6. Laminar flow :
    continuous movement at a uniform rate in one direction

    Horizontal / Vertical
  7. the name of the official list of medications approved for use in an institution is called:
  8. Pyxis Machine:
    automatic dispensing machine
  9. Recall classes:
    • 1. Most dangerous. can cause death
    • 2. intermediate no major effect
    • 3. little to no effect. but doesnt comply with FDA
  10. Chemptherapeutic medications must be mixed:
    in a vertical laminar flow hood
  11. The filter on an IV set prevents:
    Contamination of IV solution from plastic or rubber.
  12. Most common source of contamination during sterile product preparation:
  13. Orange Book
    Therapeutic equivalance
  14. When compounding sterile products, work at least __ inches away from edge of hood.
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