HM1 exam 2015

  1. What does ASWBPL stand for?
    Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratories
  2. Who Manages the Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratories (ASWBPL)
    US Air Force-Managed, but is Tri-Service Staffed.
  3. Are theater MTF's able to go directly to the ASWBPL for Blood?
  4. What is the Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratories (ASWBPL) responsible for?
    * Retyping blood for A, B, and O blood types and Rhesus factor only. 

    * Packing, Icing, and preparing blood for shipment to the theater.

    * Maintaining a peacetime inventory of 250 units of liquid blood for use as a rapid response requirement.
  5. What echelon is the CNO
    Echelon I
  6. what echelon is the surgeon general
    Echelon II
  7. What echelon are the region commands?
    Echelon III
  8. What are the Echelon III regional commands?
  9. Who falls under Echelons 4 and 5?
    Everyone other than those in I,II,andIII
  10. How often do the corporate executive boards meet?
  11. How often does the regional chief of staff business meetings happen?
  12. How many beds in an EMF?
  13. What is the referral/ consultation form?
    SF 513
  14. What report must be submitted that include selected communicable diseases, injuries, and outbreak? and how long do you have to report it?
    MER, and 24 hours
  15. When a military member dies how many hours does the CO have to write a condolence letter to PNOK?
    48 hours
  16. CACO has how many hours to inform PNOK of death of military member?
    24 hours
  17. Controlled substance inventory reported to the CO by Who?
    Medical Officer
  18. Where can you find special items inventory schedule?
    NAVSUP 485
  19. Who is in charge of BUMED's future plans and strategy?
    M5 Deputy chief of staff
  20. During Colors, how do you set the flag to half-Mast?
    raise smartly to peak, and lower slowly to half mast
  21. When live virus immunizations are given, how long do you have to wait to administer another live virus?
    4 Weeks
  22. How often is the JEV booster given ?
    3 years
  23. How often is TDAP administered?
    10 Years
  24. what is the annual certificate of physical condition?
  25. What is the DD  2795?
  26. What is the DD 2796
  27. What is the DD 2900?
    the PDHRA
  28. What are the HYT years for E-3, E-4, E-5?
    5, 8, 14 years
  29. What form is used to consent for an autopsy?
    SF 523
  30. What is the most dangerous form of malaria
    Plasmodium Falciparum
  31. how often is HIV drawn?
    Every 2 years unless clinically indicated
  32. what is the pha form
    navmed 6120/4
  33. can contacts be worn for visual acuity test?
  34. At what level of visual acuity will member be required to get glasses, and then how often after that will member be required to redo visual acuity?
    20/40, and every 2 years
  35. how often must reservist see military dentist
    every three years
  36. what is the preferred method of measuring cariovascular risk
    Framingham Risk Score
  37. How many day supply of meds is a service member required to deploy with.
    90 Days
  38. What 6 elements does the IMR consist of
    • 1.Individual Medical Equipment, 2.Immunizations,
    • 3.Readiness Laboratory Studies,
    • 4.Dental Readiness,
    • 5.Deployment Limiting conditions, 
    • 6.Periodic Health Assessment.
  39. What is a PHA used for
    to review, verify, and correct IMR deficiencies.
  40. how often is a PHA done
  41. What is the Radiological Equipment Survey Request form?
    Navemed 6470/14
  42. After Completion of sheild within how many days must an evaluation be completed and provided?
    30 Days
  43. Shield designers must provide shield design to requesting authority within how many days
    30 Days
  44. Who approves and maintains lists of software, surveyors, shield designers, and provides assistance to commanding officers?
    Navy Environmental Health Center
  45. Who provides commands notification of the prospective installation date of new equipment with in 10 working days?
  46. Within how many days after installation or major repair must equipment be evaluated?
    30 Days
  47. How often are units afloat required to be evaluated?
    24 months
  48. Dental fixed and portable units require evaluation every ___ months?
    36 Months
  49. Who is sick of looking at instructions and flashcards?
    HM2(FMF/SW/AW) Whoolery, Josh A.
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