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  1. What type of property is mass?
  2. When a liquid becomes a gas, what point has it reached?
    boiling point
  3. What two variables does density depend on?
    mass and volume
  4. Choose the one that is not a physical change from freezing, dissolving, burning or evaporating.
  5. A rock sitting on top of a hill has what kind of energy?
    potential energy
  6. What happens to the particles in something that heats up?
    Their kinetic energy increases.
  7. How does heat move?
    From warmer objects to cooler objects.
  8. Where is chemical energy stored?
    The bonds between atoms.
  9. Looking at copper, glass , rubber and wood, which one is not an insulator for electricity?
  10. An atom has equal numbers of protons and what?
  11. Every proton and electron is surrounded by ____?
    an electric field.
  12. When an object has more negative charge than positive charge, the result is called .....?
    a static charge
  13. Why do you get shocked when you touch a doorknob?
    Electrons move from the doorknob to you.
  14. What happens in a hydroelectric plant?
    Kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy.
  15. What situation must exist for electric charges to flow in a circuit?
    There must be an electric field.
  16. How are atmosphere layers distinguished ?
    by their composition, temperature, and altitude
  17. What is temperature?
    How fast the air molecules are moving.
  18. Name 6 Weather factors ?
    Temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, humidity, air pressure and wind direction.
  19. What weather factor occur because of changes in temperature and pressure?
  20. Where do the basic activities of life occur?
  21. What is the organelle found only in plants?
  22. What does a group of specialized cells first form? cell, tissue, system or organ?
  23. What provides support and protection for plant cells?
    cell wall
  24. What is the habitat for a squirrel?
    a tree
  25. What is an organism?
    a living thing that uses energy, reproduces and grows.
  26. What kind organisms are most producers?
  27. How do most decomposers recycle?
    eating dead organisms
  28. What resource are we most likely to run out of?
    petroleum products
  29. What renewable resource is Oklahoma currently developing?
  30. Define a natural resource.
    an item found in nature that living organisms use.
  31. What non renewable resource is Oklahoma famous for?
    petroleum products.
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