Prehistory of NA Test 1 Lecture 6 (no chance of consensus)

  1. preclovis presence in NA consenus
    • there is no consensus even though a majority accepts preclovis presence
    • texts books dont include this knowledge
  2. The French First Model:  The Solutrean Hypothesis
    • Dennis Stanford (the guy in Monte Verde that toasted to meadowcroft) and Bruce Bradley
    • lithic experts in the production of stone tools
    • expertise between europe and NA
    • Cactus Hill site in VA has clovis and preclovis presence
    • in preclovis deposits has lanceolet points found
    • points in cactus hill dont look like clovis. they look like a mixture of clovis and solutrean points
    • they proposed competing hypothesis
    • solutrrean hypothesis states that while there was a migration across berengia there may also be a migration from europe skirting the coast following the ice sheets
    • problems: solutrean predates cactus hill by a couple of thousand years, solutrean has a lot of stone tool characteristics and none of them show up in NA (so we should see remnants of solutrean technology more)
    • stanford and bradley don't have any real evidence
    • they are attacking the Clovis first idea to force others to acknowledge a preclovis
    • they turned to television to keep the solutrean hypothesis alive
    • stirring the pot

    • Chronology
    • Cognates? 
    • Convergence?  Nonsense?
  3. lewis binford
    • founder of new archaeology or processual archaeology
    • he did ethnoarchaeology study people in present to understand people in past
    • he made archaeology scientific & used this paradigm
    • a concept middle range theory - establishing rules and law in human behavior to find patterns and statistical measures, which is what processual archaeology is about.
    • problems with this: patterns are problematic bc sites get dismissed bc of no pattern, a lot of different behaviors can create the same patterns and just bc statistics say so does not make it true therefore removing self from raw data
    • binford really successful bc he changed the landscape of archaeology, people have been trained in processual archaeology since the 60's.
  4. kent flannery
    followed binford and the human ecology paradigm based on a scientific approach to human behavior
  5. the issue with clovis is there is no precedent for it in NA or siberia
    fluted points are found exclusively in NA
    • archaeologists create typologies to get idea for local communities and chronology
    • goshen points represent specific time of lithic industry that is indiginous to a specific place and time
    • they represent a specific way of creating stone tools - so the issue becomes why does it exist and why people were doing it
    • part of it is involved with how people make stone tools and the resources available
    • authors are processual archaeologists bc they come across data that gets thrown out bc they cant clearly fin a category or pattern to place it in
    • processualists avoid rituals bc statistical models cant measure some things and so symbolic behavior and meaning behind things gets problematic for processualists and so they file it as ritual or supernatural if they cant respond clear cut to something
    • land trapping
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Prehistory of NA Test 1 Lecture 6 (no chance of consensus)
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