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  1. Large vein eon inner side ( pink side) or arm
    basilic vein
  2. a superficial vein of the arm (thumb side) commonly used for venipuncture ?
    Cephalic vein
  3. measure of the internal diameter ( bore) of a needle
  4. An anticoagulant commonly used in hematology?
  5. EDTA stands for?
    Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid
  6. The swelling of the tissue around the a vessel resulting from leakage of blood into the tissue?
  7. Increase in concentration of cellular elements in the blood?
  8. Rupture or destruction of red blood cells resulting in the release of hemoglobin?
  9. a hollow needle used for obtaining fluid specimens or for injections
    Hypodermic needle
  10. the open space within a tubular organ or tissue?
  11. A special vein located in the bend of the elbow that connects the cephalic vein to the basilic vein?
    Median Cubital vein
  12. a prescribed order for filling vacuum tubes during blood collection to prevent contaminating one tube with the additive of another?
    order of the draw
  13. to examine by touch ?
  14. venipuncture; entry of the vein with a needle
  15. a hollow, tube-like container with a plunger, used for withdrawing fluids or for injections.
  16. a band used to constrict blood flow
  17. a blood vessel that caries oxygenated blood from tissue to the heart
  18. entry of a vein with a needle; a phlebotomy?
  19. a short, small-gauge needle with attached plastic tube (wings), six or more inches of tubing and a Luer-Lok or vacuum tube holder connector; sometimes called 'butterfly" set?
    Winged collection set.
  20. why is venipuncture performed?
    because it is a safe and quick way to obtain a large sample of blood for different type of analyses.
  21. What is a purpose of tourniquet?
    it helps to make vein more prominent
  22. how long can a tourniquet be left on?
    no more then 1 minute
  23. Name 5 precautions that must be observed when performing venipuncture?
    • Phlebotomist must observe standard precautions and wear PPE
    • tray that holds and transports blood collection supplies should Never be places on a patients bed or over-bed tableĀ 
    • venipuncture site must be carefully chosen and cleaned.
    • Basilic vein should NOT be used for venipuncture.
  24. How can hemoconcentration affect the quality of the blood specimen?
    it increases concentration of cellular elements in the blood. which alters the concentration of the blood which will lead to wrong results.
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