Mental checklists

  1. Hover/Takeoff checks
    • Check manifold gauge for hover power
    • Directional gyro, increasing right decreasing left
    • Turn coordinator, wings inside turn, ball centered
    • Attitude indicator, no bank, pitch up, pitch down
    • Time, noted, set if needed
    • Transponder, altitude encoding, squawk number
    • Frequencies, set, next frequencies loaded
    • One last temp, pressure, light check
    • Airspeed indicator, increasing
    • Altimeter, increasing
    • VSI, showing a climb
  2. Approach Briefing
    • Name of the approach and the airport
    • Localizer frequency
    • Approach course
    • Approach frequency
    • Tower frequency
    • Initial approach fix to be used
    • Final approach fix, description and altitude
    • Fixes on the approach, descriptions, distances, altitudes
    • Missed approach point
    • DH or MDA
    • Time from FAF to MAP
    • Missed approach procedure
  3. Waterfall Check
    • Compass, full of fluid, known headings
    • Warning lights, all off
    • Turn coordinator/slip-skid indicator, wings level, ball centered
    • Altimeter, correct elevation and pressure setting
    • Airspeed indicator, showing zero
    • Tachometers, needles together, in the green
    • Manifold pressure gauge, showing correct power
    • CDI, displaying correctly, no flags
    • VSI, no climb or decent
    • Carb temp gauge, out of the yellow
    • Ammeter, shows charging, no alt light
    • Oil pressure gauge, in the green, no oil light
    • Oil temp gauge, in the green
    • Cylinder head temp gauge, in the green
    • Fuel gauges, 2 hours for main, 1 hour for aux
    • Nav lights, on if night, off if day
    • Strobe, on
    • Clutch, engaged
    • Alternator, on
    • Master battery, on
    • Key switch, both
    • Control panel, volume, correct transmit selection,¬†
    • GPS, frequencies, volume, settings, desired screen
    • Comm 1 radio, frequencies, volume
    • Transponder, altitude encoding, squawk number
  4. Approach setup
    • Directional gyro, aligned with compass
    • ATIS, get atis info
    • Approach plate, have it in front of you and revise
    • Control panel, check GPS/VLOC mode
    • Frequency, tune and ident nav frequency
    • Marker beacons, low audio on
    • CDI/OBS, proper track¬†
    • Briefing, conduct the full approach briefing
    • GPS, load airport, load approach, confirm waypoints
    • Clearance, contact approach control
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Mental checklists
Mental checklists